Malta T20 Women’s Cricket Team: Malta T20 Women’s Cricket Team have Indian nurses turned cricketers won international match


  • Indian nurses join Malta’s cricket team

  • doing amazing in cricket with nursing career

Last month, the Malta T20 women’s cricket team played its first T20 International match against Romania. The victory of this match changed the history of Malta women’s cricket. The most important thing about this women’s team of Malta is related to India.

Actually, many female players in this cricket team are from India. Yes, many people will be surprised to hear that these girls joined Malta’s cricket team without making a career in cricket in India. But the interesting thing is that these Indian daughters who lead the Malta team are nurses by profession.

Indian nurses in Malta team
On 28 August, this Malta team defeated Romania 3–0 to win the Continental Cup. Since then, there is constant talk about this team. The special thing is that there are mostly Indian nurses in this team. She went to Malta for her nursing career and is now playing cricket while working in hospitals there.

Apart from this, players from Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, South Africa and UK are included. None of the players are from Malta. The captain of the team is Shamla Cholassery, who is originally from Kerala and went to Malta in August 2019 as a care assistant.

cricket with nursing career
According to media reports, Shamla hails from a hilly district in the north of Kerala and had never played professional cricket before. But she used to play cricket with her cousins ​​in the family. He has been in Malta for almost two and a half years.

And in January this year, she saw a WhatsApp message from the Malta Cricket Association which read that Malta is setting up its first women’s cricket team and is looking for players. Shamla loves cricket and so she registered.

Like him, many other nurses went to the Cricket Association just for their hobby. Today many Indian nurses – Anupama Ramesan, Anvi Vimal, Koel Kurien, Ramya Vipin and Anita Santosh, are part of the Malta team.

practice after duty
All these players are working hard on the field. Most of these people work in the 7 am to 7 pm shift. But all of them practice from 9 pm to midnight or 1 pm.

On Sundays, she works till 2 pm and trains from 4 pm to 8 pm. It is just these girls’ love for this game that has brought them to this point. Hope these girls continue to grow like this.

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