Mehran Karimi Naseri living at the airport for 18 years died know the reason

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Mehran Karimi Naseri

Mehran Karimi Nasseri, you must have heard his name. This is the same person who had been living at an airport for the last several years. This is the same person who is said to have made his home at the Paris airport. Now Mehran Karimi is dead. He has now died after spending almost 18 years at the Paris airport. But do you know why he was staying at the airport for so long?

Nasseri was expelled from many countries

Actually, born in 1945 in Iran, Nasseri came to Europe in search of his mother. He spent a few years in Belgium looking for his mother, but had no legal papers. Because of which he was expelled from many countries including UK, Netherlands, and Germany. Since then, Nasseri has made his home in 1988 in a small area of ​​Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. A film called The Terminal was made on his life in the year 2004.

An official stationed at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport said that, after being deported from several countries, Nassery was given the right to stay in his country by the French government, but he returned to the airport a few weeks ago, and that was his died.

France had given the right to live in its country

According to the information, despite being granted refugee status in 1999 and the right to stay in France, he remained at the airport till 2006, after which he was taken to a hospital for treatment of an illness. An airport official said Nasseri returned to the airport a few weeks ago, where he remained until he died.

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