MiG-21 Crashes: MiG-21 aircraft is called Flying Coffin Air Force fighter plane crashed in Bhimda village of Barmer

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MiG-21 Crashes


  • MiG-21 was bought from Russia in 1963.
  • Russia stopped making this jet in 1986.
  • More than 400 plane crashes from 1963 to 2022

MiG-21 Crashes, A heart-wrenching incident has happened on Thursday in Barmer, Rajasthan. An Air Force fighter plane crashed in Bhimda village of Barmer. It was the MiG-21 Bysm aircraft. The sound of the explosion of this crash was so high that people could hear the sound for about three kilometers. There were two Air Force personnel in this plane. In this regard, local people told that the fire had started in the jet itself. The jet tried to land two to three times but every attempt failed. According to the information, it is being told that both the pilots had made a lot of efforts to open their parachute but could not open, although it is a matter of investigation. Two soldiers died on the spot. Wing Commander M Rana hailed from Himachal and belonged to Flight Lieutenant Adiya Bal Jammu. At present, Bhimda village has been converted into a cantonment.

What action did the Air Force take?

The Indian Air Force has expressed its condolences to the family of the Army personnel who lost their lives in the accident. In this regard, how has this accident happened, a Court of Inquiry has been ordered to find out all the reasons. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Air Force Chief VR Choudhary and inquired about the incident.

Why is the MiG-21 crashing after all?

MiG-21 was purchased from Russia in 1963. At that time the Government of India had procured about 874 MiG-21s. Since then this fighter jet is in the fleet of the Air Force. Russia stopped making this jet in 1986. In today’s new technology, these jets have not been asked. These ships were upgraded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Although this aircraft has stopped being made, then there are some such parts which are not available, due to which the work is being done by updating the old parts only. However, this aircraft has been used over time. In the past several air chiefs had said that this aircraft should now be taken out of the fleet. By now this ship should have been out of the Air Force, but the Air Force does not have enough fighter aircraft right now, so it has to be kept forcibly.

In which wars this ship has been used

Once upon a time the enemy countries used to tremble with the power of this aircraft. Its attack was so ambush that the enemies could raise their hands beforehand. This aircraft was first used in 1965, but the real power of this aircraft was seen in the war of 1971 when this ship had rescued the sixes of Pakistan.

How many ships have crashed so far?

From 1963 to 2022, more than 400 aircraft have crashed, in which more than 200 soldiers have lost their lives. Due to these accidents, this plane is called Flying Coffin or Widow Maker, that is, in simple language, you understand that this ship is a coffin of death. Talking about the recent report, this jet has crashed for the 8th time within 9 years only in Barmer district.

MiG-21 crashes 8 times in Barmer

12 February 2013

7 June 2013

15 July 2013

27 January 2015

10 September 2016

15 March 2017

25 August 2021

28 July 2022

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