Mirabai Chanu CWG 2022: Golden girl Chanu won India’s first gold medal, Mirabai won with a new record

Mirabai Chanu at CWG 2022 - India TV Hindi News
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Mirabai Chanu at CWG 2022

Mirabai Chanu CWG 2022: Mirabai Chanu won India’s first gold medal in Commonwealth 2022. She repeated history once again by capturing the gold medal in the 49 kg women’s category of weightlifting. Defending champion Chanu won the gold medal at the Birmingham Games by lifting a total of 201 kg with a Games record. The Manipuri star athlete won the gold medal with his scintillating performance leaving all his rivals far behind. He lifted 29 kg more weight than the silver medal winning athlete.

Golden Girl wins with Games record

Indian Golden Girl Chanu was considered a favorite long before the start of her match in the Commonwealth Games. He also performed as expected, or better than expected. After the snatch round, India’s star weightlifter Mirabai Chanu was at number one. He lifted 88 kg in his second attempt in this round. The special thing is that by lifting so much weight, he also made a new Commonwealth and a new Games record. Earlier in the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast, he also set a Games record by lifting 86 kg in snatch. In Birmingham, the weightlifter from Mauritius, who finished second after her, lifted 12 kg less, 76 kg. In clean and jerk, Chanu gave her best in her second attempt and lifted 113 kg.

Chanu was already the strongest contender for the gold medal

In the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Mirabai Chanu won India’s first gold medal with a stellar performance. After four years in Birmingham, she was already miles ahead of all her competitors. Before competing, Chanu was 25 kg better in lifting weights than her next in the 49 kg category. This is the reason that all the fans and experts were considering him as the strongest contender for the gold medal.

Ranivosova of Mauritius won the silver medal by lifting 172 kg. She stood second by lifting 172 kg. Canada’s Hena Kaminsky won the bronze medal with a weight of 171 kg.

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