Monkeypox Government in alert mode regarding monkeypox, experts can give new suggestions in the meeting

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  • Government in alert mode regarding monkeypox
  • meeting of top health experts convened
  • review of existing guidelines

Monkeypox: The central government has called a meeting of top health experts on Thursday to reconsider the existing guidelines to deal with cases of monkeypox. So far nine cases of monkeypox have been reported in the country, out of which one patient has died. An official said, “This is a technical meeting to reconsider the existing guidelines.” Representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) have attended.

What are the guidelines on monkeypox

  1. Keep an eye on people who have a rash on their body.
  2. Take care of people who have traveled in the last 21 days to a country that has been infected with monkeypox.
  3. Monkeypox will isolate the case in a healthcare facility. For this, it is necessary to remove the scabs from the grains of the patient’s body.
  4. Samples of suspected patients will go to NIV Pune for testing.
  5. Contact tracing of positive cases will start.
  6. Avoid physical contact with people suffering from skin diseases.
  7. Stay away from dead wild animals.
  8. Avoid products made from African wild animals.

According to the guidelines issued by the Center on Management of Monkeypox Disease, if a person has traveled to the affected countries within the last 21 days and has developed red rash, swollen lymph glands, fever, headache, body ache. And if symptoms like extreme weakness are seen then it will be considered ‘suspicious’. The guidelines define the people who have come in contact, saying that if a person comes in contact with an infected more than once during the period till the first symptoms appear and the crust on the skin falls off. The person who came in will be considered.

This contact can be through face-to-face, direct physical contact, including having sex, contact with her clothing or bedding. This would be considered a suspected or confirmed case of monkeypox.

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