Monkeypox Virus one person dead in kerala know why you should not panic

Monkeypox Virus Death Rate- India TV Hindi News
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Monkeypox Virus Death Rate


  • One death due to monkeypox virus in Kerala
  • 22 year old youth returned from UAE
  • Several cases of monkeypox found in Kerala

Monkeypox Virus: A man who had come to Kerala from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a few days ago died of monkeypox virus in Thrissur on Saturday (July 30). Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Sunday that she would investigate the cause of death of the 22-year-old, who had returned from the UAE and died of monkeypox a day earlier. The Health Minister said that the patient was young and did not have any other disease or any other health related problem, so the health department is ascertaining the cause of his death. George said an inquiry would be conducted as to why there was a delay in getting him admitted to the hospital after his arrival from the UAE on July 21.

The minister told the media, ‘This particular type of monkeypox is not contagious to a high level like Kovid-19 but it does spread. In comparison, the mortality rate from this type of monkeypox is low. So, we will investigate why the 22-year-old died in this particular case as he did not have any other disease or health problem. He said that since this type of monkeypox spreads, all necessary measures have been taken to prevent it. There are no studies available on the specific variant of the disease from other countries where the disease has been detected and hence Kerala is conducting a study on it.

Even before this, many cases of the same disease were reported in Kerala and all three patients have been discharged from the hospital. While the condition of two other patients is said to be stable. A case of monkeypox was also reported in Delhi. This case is different because the patient did not travel abroad. Whereas in the cases reported in Kerala, it was found that the patients had traveled to the Middle East.

Who was the person who lost his life in Kerala?

The person who lost his life due to monkeypox was a resident of Punniyur in Thrissur. He died in a private hospital in Thrissur a few days after his return from the UAE. Subsequently, the Kerala Health Department sent his samples to the Kerala unit of the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Alappuzha. He had already been infected with the virus but the family informed about it on Saturday. Health department sources said the youth had reached Kerala on July 22 and came to the hospital on July 26 after developing fever. He was later put on life support and died on Saturday evening.

Is monkeypox a deadly disease?

There is no need to worry too much about monkeypox. Because the person who is being said to have died due to this, it is not yet clear whether he has died due to the virus. There could be other reasons behind his death. Which can be told only after analyzing its condition by experts. The minister says that even after being found positive with monkeypox, he did not show symptoms of the disease. He said, ‘The young man had no symptoms of monkeypox. She was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of encephalitis and fatigue. His relatives had handed over the test results (the test report done in UAE) on Saturday itself.

Studies have shown that monkeypox is targeting more men than women. The new discovery suggests community transmission of monkeypox has begun among gay, bisexual and other men who have had physical relations with men from countries affected by the virus. At present, Europe is witnessing the most havoc of the monkeypox virus.

How many people have been infected with monkeypox so far?

Monkeypox has infected more than 20,000 people in 78 countries of the world. Most of the deaths are happening in Africa, where people of this disease are getting infected for many years. A more virulent strain of the virus is believed to be spreading rapidly. Of the total deaths, more than 75 have been recorded in Africa. Only three deaths have been recorded outside Africa, which does not include the death in Kerala. The first death from monkeypox outside the continent of Africa was recorded in Brazil on Friday. On the same day a patient lost his life in Spain. The next day, on Saturday, another person died in Spain due to monkeypox. The two deaths in Spain are the first deaths due to monkeypox in Europe.

However, it is important to note that the victim in Brazil was a 41-year-old man who was battling lymphoma and a weakened immune system. The DW report also said that both patients in Spain were hospitalized with the infection. The disease had affected his brain before his death. It is possible that his death was linked to pre-existing conditions.

Dr R Gangakhedkari, one of India’s most eminent epidemiologists, says, ‘The risk of death from the disease is very low – less than 1 per cent. This estimate is also based on data from Africa. So far no deaths were recorded outside Africa, but now three deaths have been recorded. This figure is increasing. Statistically the mortality rate from the disease is very low.

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