Monsoon Session Kharge raised the issue of ED’s action in Rajya Sabha, says it is fair

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Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge


  • Kharge raised the issue of misuse of central agencies
  • “The standard of Modishahi is going down every day”
  • Piyush Goyal denies the allegations

Monsoon Session: The Congress on Thursday raised in the Rajya Sabha the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) action against opposition leaders and the deployment of a large number of police personnel outside the residences of its top leaders, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Raising these issues, Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge accused the central government of misusing central agencies and said that at a time when Parliament is going on, the ED has also summoned him. There was a heated argument between the ruling party and the opposition in the Rajya Sabha regarding this and both of them leveled allegations against each other.

Kharge raised the issue of misuse of central agencies

On this issue, other opposition parties including Congress created a ruckus in the Rajya Sabha. The Zero Hour was disrupted due to the uproar and the proceedings had to be adjourned. The commotion continued even after the proceedings resumed at 12 noon and the presiding vice president Vijay Sai Reddy got the Question Hour completed amidst the ruckus. Reddy repeatedly requested the protesting opposition members not to create a ruckus and return to their respective places, he would give an opportunity to the Leader of the Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge to speak. After a while, at around 11.10 am, when the members who were creating ruckus returned to their respective places, Kharge raised the issue of misuse of central agencies.

Demand for discussion in the House on this issue

He said, “The House is meeting. I am also a member of this House and also the Leader of the Opposition. But I get the summons from the ED to come soon.” Kharge said that he has been called by the ED at 12.30 in the afternoon, so he wants to go to the ED office there to follow the law. He said, “I am being called by the ED when the House is going on, is it appropriate? The Leader of Opposition said Parliament is in session and Delhi Police has cordoned off the residences of top Congress leaders and a large number of police forces have been deployed around it. “If we go on like this, will our democracy survive? Will we go by the constitution? They are doing this intentionally to discourage us. They are doing this to kill us, to scare, but we will not be afraid, we will fight.” Kharge demanded a discussion on the issue in the House.

Jairam Ramesh tweeted on the matter

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh alleged that Kharge was summoned by the ED when Parliament is in session. He said that this shows that the level of ‘Modishahi’ is going down every day. Ramesh tweeted, “While Parliament is in session, ED summons Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge. He left Parliament at around 12:20 pm and appeared before the ED. The standard of Modishahi is going down every day.

Goyal called the allegations baseless

Leader of the House Goel countered Kharge’s allegations in the Rajya Sabha and termed the allegations leveled by him as baseless. He said that the government never interferes in the working of law enforcement agencies. Following this, Congress and other opposition members started a ruckus. Goyal said, “Perhaps in the Congress era, when they were in government, these people must have intervened. What the Leader of the Opposition has said is completely baseless. If someone has done any wrong, the law takes its own course.

Goyal said that the Congress President and its leaders are out on bail and the law is taking its course, so they should follow the rules and regulations and not run away. He said, “His government would have interfered in legal business but our government has never interfered.” In the midst of the uproar, Reddy completed the Question Hour and then adjourned the House till 2 pm for the lunch break.

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