Monsoon session Ruckus in Lok Sabha regarding inflation GST and suspension slogans of dictatorship will not work

Opposition raised slogans- India TV Hindi News
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Opposition raised slogans


  • Members of opposition parties created ruckus in Parliament
  • Protest against inflation, GST and suspension
  • Slogans of ‘dictatorship will not work’

Monsoon Session: Members of some opposition parties, including the Congress, created a ruckus in Parliament over the issues of inflation, bringing several food items under the purview of GST and suspension of four Lok Sabha members. In the midst of the commotion in the House, the presiding Chairman Kiritbhai Solanki presented the necessary papers. Opposition members raised slogans demanding withdrawal of suspension of four Lok Sabha members. They raised slogans of ‘Tanashahi Nahi Chalegi’ and ‘Suspension will be taken back’. On Monday, four members of Congress – Manickam Tagore, TN Pratapan, Jyotimani and Ramya Haridas – were suspended for the remaining period of the current session for displaying placards and contempt of seat during the uproar on various issues in the Lok Sabha. was suspended from

Opposition parties raised slogans

Presiding Chairman Solanki asked the sloganeering members to go to their places and start the discussion. He said, “The government has said that it is ready for discussion (on inflation). The mind of the government is open. You guys go to your seats and start the discussion.” Still, the commotion did not stop after which the house was adjourned till 2 pm. Earlier this morning, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla started the Question Hour amid sloganeering by members of some opposition parties, including the Congress. During this, some members asked supplementary questions and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi gave their answers. Meanwhile, the opposition members came near the Speaker’s podium raising slogans. He had placards on which issues like increase in prices of essential commodities including LPG and hike in GST rates on several items were mentioned.

Birla called the uproar indecent

Appealing to the noisy members to return to their places, Lok Sabha Speaker Birla termed the uproar as “indecent”. He said that this situation is not a good sign for democracy. He told the rioting members, “The rules and procedures of the house have been made by the members, it is written in the rules that the members should not bring placards near the seat but you are not following the rules made by you.” Birla. He said that to strengthen parliamentary democracy, discuss and fix the accountability of the government during the Question Hour. “Your uproar is not justified as a public representative,” he said.

What did Prahlad Joshi say?

At the same time, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said that the opposition members are talking of increase in prices. He said that today Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has come to Parliament after recovering from Kovid. He said, “If we decide on the discussion even today, then we are ready for the discussion now. But in many states ruled by them (opposition’s) the tax on fuel has not been reduced, so they are running away from the discussion.

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