Murder by cutting off his head and private parts, to avoid police action, a man killed a young man who looked like himself

The murder of the head by cutting off the private parts, the police engaged in the investigation - India TV Hindi News

Sir and private part murdered, police engaged in investigation

You must have seen movies. People learn a lot from the stories of movies. If someone learns good things, then someone starts following the path of the villain shown in that film. One such case has come to the fore. Where the accused hatched a conspiracy to kill himself by killing a person. The accused killed a man who looked like him and left his identity card near his dead body. So that the police feel that the accused has been murdered by someone. However, this secret was uncovered when the police arrested the accused Firoz Ahmed after the encounter.

Frustrated by repeated police raids and action, conspired

SP Saurabh Dixit told that fed up with repeated police raids and action, Firoz during his stay in Naini Central Jail had conspired to get rid of those who had kept him in jail. The accused had taken a loan of Rs 4 lakh to pursue his legal battle. After being released on bail in a case about two months ago, Firoz started looking for a man who looked like him. During this time he came in contact with a youth of Buxar district of Bihar.

cut off the head and private parts and burnt the body

The accused used to work as an electrician. And finally his search was over. After which he invited the young man to his place on the pretext of a job. The youth has been identified as Suraj Gupta of Bihar. The accused advised the youth to stay in the city for the job. Firoz then called Gupta to a hotel near Madarpur village on October 17 for alcohol and food. After which he strangled the young man to death along with two of his associates and also beheaded him. The accused did not stop here, he also cut off Suraj’s private part and set the body on fire to hide his identity. Firoz also left his driving license with the half-burnt body to make it look like his own death.

This is how the police caught

He thought that with Gupta’s death the police would close all cases against him. The SP said that during the investigation, the police found some phone numbers from the pocket of the dead body. When the police contacted these numbers, it came to know that the deceased is Suraj Gupta of Bihar. After this Firoz was traced and arrested.

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