Mustafa, the 10th fail of Kashmir, wrote the Quran with his hands on a roll of 500 meters of paper, made a world record. Jammu Kashmir bandipora man writes quran on 500 meter long paper creates world record

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Quran on 500 meter long paper


  • 27-year-old Mustafa of Kashmir has set a unique record
  • Mustafa used to write Quran on paper for 18 hours every day
  • After he could not pass his matriculation, he started the work of calligraphy.

Jammu Kashmir: A young man from Jammu and Kashmir has written the Holy Quran with his hands on a roll of paper 500 meters long, achieving a commendable achievement. bandipora 27-year-old Mustafa-ibn-Jamil, a resident of Tulail area of ​​the Frontier Gurez, has set a unique record. He has made a world record by writing the Quran on 500 meters long paper with hard work. He started working on this project last year.

Mustafa claims that his achievement is recorded in the Lincoln Book of Records. The Lincoln Book of Records has mentioned this on its official website and has also awarded him a prize for it. The width of the paper is 14.5 inches and the length is 500 meters. Photojournalist Basit Zargar, who lives in Kashmir, has posted a video on his Twitter account in which Mustafa’s record is being seen.

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Record made by working 18 hours every day

Mustafa on paper 18 hours every day Quran Used to write He told that after he could not pass his matriculation, he started the work of calligraphy as he was weak in maths and always faced taunts from relatives and other villagers. This inspired him to do something unique. He further said, “It took me 2 months to arrange a special art paper for calligraphy. I got it from a factory in Delhi as it was not available in the open market. Then I also arranged a special calligraphy ink for it.

Mustafa translated Quran in Sheena language
He said that the work was completed in June this year but due to calligraphy it took three more months. Jameel said, “It took about a month to design the edges (of the paper). I designed it with around 13 lakh dots. After this the lamination was done on the entire roll of paper. Jameel said that it was his heartfelt desire to write the Quran and for this he learned the art of calligraphy in order to improve his writing. He said that his family also supported him a lot in this work.

At the same time, people are congratulating him on Mustafa’s Quranic video. One person said that people should know about Mustafa because he has done a wonderful job. The other said that a few months ago Mustafa had translated the Quran in Sheena language.

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