Narendra Modi in Chennai: India in the best position ever despite the corona pandemic startups got a lot of funding

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Narendra Modi


  • PM Modi attends 42nd Convocation of Anna University
  • PM Modi gave gold medals to 69 meritorious students of Anna University
  • You must have already made a future for yourself in your mind: PM Modi

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 42nd convocation of Anna University on the second day of his Chennai visit. In this function, Prime Minister Modi presented gold medals and certificates to 69 meritorious students of Anna University. Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi and CM MK Stalin were also present in the program along with the Prime Minister.

Addressing the students present there, Prime Minister Modi said, you must have already made a future for yourself in your mind. Therefore, today is not only a day of achievements but also of aspirations. The PM said that the corona pandemic was an unprecedented event. It was a once in a century crisis. This global crisis has tested every country in the world. He went on to say, as you know, adversities tell what we are made of. Thanks to its scientists, health professionals and common people, India confidently faced the unknown enemy.

India is in the best position ever – PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said, innovation is becoming a way of life. Last year, India became the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. In the last 6 years, the number of recognized startups has increased by 15,000 percent. Where there were only 470 startups in the year 2016, they now number around 73,000. When the country does well in the field of industry and new technology, then investment comes. Last year, India received a record FDI of over $83 billion. Our startups also got record funding after the pandemic. Above all, India is in the best position ever in international trade.

Narendra Modi

Image Source : PTI

Narendra Modi

A strong government does not control everything or everyone – PM

PM Modi said, in this technology-based era, there are 3 important factors in your favor. The first factor is that there is a positive environment for technology. Things are getting easier with the use of technology. Even the poorest of the poor are adopting it. The second factor is a sense of confidence among risk takers. Earlier on social occasions it was difficult for a young man to say that he is an entrepreneur. People used to ask him to settle down i.e. get a salaried job. Now the situation is opposite. The third factor is to become a nature of improvement. Previously, there was a belief that a strong government meant that it should control everything and everyone. A strong government does not control everything or everyone. She controls the system’s habit of interfering in things. A strong government is not restrictive but responsible. A strong government does not run in every field, it limits itself and makes room for the talent of the people.

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