National Press Day 2022: Today the country is celebrating ‘Press Day’, know the history and importance

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Press Day is celebrated every year on 16 November. The day marks the presence of a free and responsible press in the country. A free press is often called the voice of the voiceless, the link between the ruling class and the common people. The job of the press is to highlight the ills of a system and help the government find solutions to these in the process of strengthening the values ​​of a democratic system. It is called one of the four pillars of democracy. There are now press councils or media councils in about 50 countries around the world. In India, the press has been called ‘watchdog’ and the Press Council of India has been called ‘moral watchdog’.

Main purpose of celebrating Press Day

The main purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the importance of freedom of the press. Also, this day talks about the commitment to uphold and respect the freedom of expression. Alerting the world to the importance of freedom of the press, this day states that the media plays an important role in protecting and restoring the values ​​of democracy. Freedom of the press in India is ensured by the fundamental right of ‘freedom of expression’ given to Indians in Article-19 of the Indian Constitution.

Press Council was established on this day

On July 4, 1966, the Press Council was established in India. Which started its formal work from November 16, 1966. Since then ‘National Press Day’ is celebrated every year on 16 November. According to the official website of the Press Council of India, the council is traditionally headed by a retired Supreme Court judge and has 28 additional members. 20 of whom are members of media outlets operating in India. Five members are nominated from the Houses of Parliament and the remaining three represent cultural, legal and literary fields.

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