NATO called emergency meeting on Russian missile attack, know what is the meaning of meeting under article 4, how is it different from article 5 – nato called emergency meeting on russian missile attack under article 4 what does it mean


  • Russian missile fell on Poland

  • Two people died in the attack

NATO member countries are also in a state of tension due to the Russia-Ukraine war. On Tuesday, a Russian missile fell on NATO country Poland and the death of two people has been confirmed in this attack. The missile fell in the Polish village of Prijevodo near the border with Ukraine.

In view of the crisis situation, the Government of Poland called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council. Article 4 of NATO can play an important role in this meeting. Now the question is what is this article 4 and what can be the meaning of this meeting under it.

What is Article 4 of NATO
Article 4 of NATO is effective in case a member state feels threatened by another country or terrorist organization. And then 30 member states, at the request of the member affected, start formal consultations. It is seen in the conversation whether any threat exists and how to counter it and a decision is taken unanimously.

However, Article 4 does not mean that there will be any direct pressure to act. This consultation mechanism has been started several times in the history of NATO. Like when Turkish soldiers were killed in a Syrian attack, then Turkey started it. At that point, NATO decided to consult, but take no action.

These member countries have triggered Article 4
Let us tell you that after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, NATO members Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland triggered Article 4. However, Article 4 is different from Article 5 of the NATO Charter. Triggering Article 5 means giving military assistance. As happened after the al-Qaeda attacks on America in 2001.

Then America attacked Afghanistan and NATO member countries also helped America in this.

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