NCB burnt 31 thousand kg of drugs in front of Amit Shah, Home Minister said drug trade is more dangerous than terrorism

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  • NCB burnt 31 thousand kg of drugs in front of Amit Shah
  • Drug trade is more dangerous than terrorism
  • Drugs cause damage like termites

Home Minister Amit Shah attended the Narcotics Control Bureau conference on Drug Trafficking and National Security in Chandigarh today and during that time more than 31,000 kg of drugs were destroyed by the NCB in front of him. In this conference, Amit Shah said that drugs are more dangerous than terrorist incidents, because the damage of terrorist incidents is limited, but drugs make our generations hollow.

,Adopted the policy of ‘no tolerance’

Shah said that this is necessary to achieve the objective of a healthy society and a prosperous nation. After inaugurating the two-day National Conference on Drug Trafficking and National Security, Shah said it is also important from the security point of view as “black money generated from drug trade is used for activities against the country”. Is.” The conference is organized by NCB. “When Narendra Modi ji became the prime minister in 2014, the Indian government adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on drugs,” Shah said.

Drugs cause damage like termites

Shah said that the fast and moving fight against narcotics has started showing results. He said that intoxicants adversely affect the younger generation and harm it like termites. Shah emphasized that the government is committed to end this crisis. The Home Minister said that drug abuse has an adverse effect not only on those who consume it, but also on the society, economy and the security of the country. We have to eliminate it completely, he said.

Pakistan connection of drugs

Pakistan is the biggest reason for drug trafficking in India. Recently, ATS had also nabbed nine Pakistani smugglers in Gujarat. The Gujarat ATS and the Indian Coast Guard had seized 55 kg of drugs near the International Maritime Border, the market value of which is around Rs 330 crore. Along with this, the security agencies also arrested 9 Pakistani fishermen who were supplying drugs under the guise of phishing.

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