Nepal Election 2022: Saying goodbye to journalism, Ravi Lamichhane started a new party, now Nepal is ringing ‘danger bells’ for many staunch leaders in the general elections – Counting of votes continues after the general elections in Nepal. Ravi Lamichhane’s Swatantra Party is leading in many seats


  • Rashtriya Swatantra Party leading in many seats in Nepal general elections

  • Ravi Lamichhane, excited by the victory of famous rapper artist Balendra Sah, formed a new party

After the general elections held in Nepal on November 20, the counting of votes is still going on. From the trends and results obtained so far, there is no hope of any party or coalition getting a clear majority. However, a new political party named Swatantra Party has rung alarm bells for everyone. It is not even six months since this party came into existence. But in the initial trends of the general elections, this party seems to be performing well. This party has given sleepless nights to all the old parties and leaders. Ravi Lamichhane’s Swatantra Party had given its candidature for the first time by taking bell election symbol to free the politics of Nepal from the clutches of some big leaders of two-four main parties of Nepal. Due to this new alternative political power in Nepal, one thing is certain that the politics here is not going to remain in the hands of 70+ leaders for a long time.

Six months back, some youths together had announced to contest the elections.
Just six months ago, some youths had announced to contest elections together to change the character and face of Nepal’s politics. The public may not have given more seats in this election, but they have definitely encouraged their efforts. So far, the Swatantra Party has got an edge in about a dozen constituencies. Three important seats in the capital have also gone to this party’s account and it is leading on four other seats in Kathmandu itself. Not only this, the Rashtriya Swatantra Party is also getting the third highest number of votes after Congress and Amale in the counting of proportional votes. Whereas Maoists and other old parties are lagging far behind.

Nepal’s famous rapper artist Balendra Sah was made victorious by the public with huge votes
Six months ago, when local elections were held in Nepal, a 34-year-old Balendra Sah was made victorious by the public with a huge vote, leaving the leaders of major political parties to dust for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Municipal Corporation. No one had thought that politics trapped in the clutches of three-four political parties would get so much love from the youth. But Nepal’s famous rapper artist Balendra Sah, who is a structural engineer by profession, lost the senses of all political pundits by becoming mayor. Encouraged by this, some youths who wanted a change in politics felt the pulse of the public and knowing their hunger to get rid of the traditional and conservative political parties, presented the young face in front of them in the elections. It was headed by a famous journalist from Nepal, whose name is Ravi Lamichhane. Until six months ago, Ravi, who ran the most popular program called Direct Dialogue with the People on a private TV channel in Nepal, always advocated youth participation in politics and alternative political power. But in the local elections, when Balendra Sah got the love of the public more than the expectations, then after a few days, saying goodbye to journalism, he jumped into the field of politics.

Promising youth from all over the country supported
In this effort of Ravi Lamichhane, promising youths from all over the country supported. Some left their medical profession, some left their engineering jobs, some left their government jobs and some left their lakhs in private companies and jumped into the electoral fray. In this election, their candidates are leading in about a dozen places. In many places, due to the candidature of the independent party, the leaders of the big parties are getting defeated.

Congress, Maoists and opposition Amale suffered the most.
The ruling Congress, the Maoists and the opposition Amale are suffering the most due to the coming of the Swatantra Party. Their big leaders are losing the elections. Two veteran Maoist women leaders, former Speaker Onsari Gharti and current Energy Minister and Maoist Party spokesperson Pampha Bhushal are facing defeat.

Oli’s party’s second biggest leader Ishwar Pokharel lost
Ishwar Pokharel, the second largest leader of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s party, has lost the election from his own constituency before being in the fray of the Swatantra Party. While Shankar Pokharel, general secretary of Oli’s party, is also close to defeat. Nepal’s Education Minister Umesh Shrestha, who is contesting against Swatantra Party President Ravi Lamichhane, is trailing far behind. By the way, Ravi Lamichhane had earlier announced to contest against Maoist Party President Prachanda, but at the last moment, Prachanda left the field fearing defeat from his home town Chitwan and left his traditional seat and went to China border to ensure victory. Ravi Lamichhane’s party has spoiled the game of big leaders of Congress, Male and Maoists. Many leaders who were ministers in the government may have to face defeat.

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