Neuroprosthetic device that translates brain waves into full sentences, claims scientists


  • Device converts brain waves into sentences

  • Research published in the journal Nature Communications

Scientists have developed a technique through which the matter going on in the mind can be detected. US researchers claim that they have been able to read more than 1100 words going on in the minds of paralyzed patients without saying anything. The patients thought these words only in their mind.

Possible with the help of brain interface

The University of California, San Francisco has developed a neuroprosthetic device that converts brain waves into sentences. Sean Metzger, the lead author of this research, told that last year the team of UCSF researchers had told that a computer named Brain Interface can translate 50 very common words going on in the mind.

26 character decode per minute

Scientists are planning to make a dictionary of more than 9 thousand words in future. According to a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, 26 characters can be decoded every minute with the help of a neuroprosthetic device. Not only this, 1150 words were easily understood by the scientist through new technology. However, more work is still needed on this technique. Metzger said, if the patient is trying to say cat, he will say Charlie alpha tango. This tool collects data in real time using spelling interface language modelling. Scientists first used it on a 20-year-old man who was a victim of stroke.

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