Nikhat Zareen CWG 2022: Nikhat Zareen knocks out the opposing boxer, reaches the quarterfinals after two rounds

Nikhat Zareen won round of 16 match at CWG 2022 - India TV Hindi News
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Nikhat Zareen won round of 16 match at CWG 2022


  • Nikhat Zareen won the round of 16 match
  • Nikhat Zareen knocks out the opposing boxer
  • Nikhat Zareen reached the quarterfinals

Nikhat Zareen CWG 2022: Indian star female boxer Nikhat Zareen put up a stellar performance in the Round of 16 of the Commonwealth Games 2022 to seal her place in the quarterfinals. Nikhat knocked out her rival boxer Helena Ismail Bagao of Mozambique in the 48 – 50 kg light fly category after two rounds. The Indian boxer hit Bagao with so many punches in the first two rounds that the referee had to declare Nikhat Zareen the winner before the third round.

Nikhat Zareen knocks out the opposing boxer

Nikhat made a strong hold on this match from the initial moments of the first round. The 25-year-old Indian boxer got hundreds of percent points in every round from the five judges present for this match. Zareen got 10-10 points from each judge in the first round, while the Mozambican boxer got 8-8 points from four judges and 9 points from one judge.

Nikhat looked very aggressive from the start in the second round. He made the match completely one-sided within the first 30 seconds. Bagao had no answer to Zareen’s loud punches, she looked completely helpless. In the second round, each judge gave 10-10 points to Nikhat and Bagao got the highest score of 8-8.

After these two rounds, the Mozambican boxer appeared completely breathless, the condition so bad that the referee did not think it right to risk going ahead with the game. As a result Helena Ismail Bagao was declared knockdown in the third round. With this announcement, the brave Indian boxer reached the quarterfinals of the Games.

Nikhat to clash with Boxer of Wales in the quarterfinals

The manner in which Nikhat has entered the last eight must have created panic among the rest of the boxers in his light fly category. Zareen has to play her quarterfinal match on August 3. In this bout, she will next face boxer Helen Jones of Wales.

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