Now if your dog-cat bites someone then you will have to pay hefty fine, Noida Authority has implemented many rules NOIDA ceo announces new rules for dog and cat owners imposes heavy penalty in case of any mish

New rules of authority regarding pet dogs in Noida - India TV Hindi News

New rules of authority regarding pet dogs in Noida

Noida Authority has now become strict on the increasing incidents of pet dog bites in Noida. A big decision has been taken in the meeting of Noida Authority. The owner will now have to pay a hefty fine of Rs 10,000 for the bite of a pet dog. Along with this, the full cost of the treatment of the injured person will also have to be paid. The Noida Authority said that the registration of pets will have to be done by January 31, 2023. Failure to do so will result in fine from the animal owners.

10 thousand fine and the cost of treatment will have to be borne

The CEO of Noida Authority wrote in a tweet, “Today in the 207th board meeting of Noida Authority, in case of any untoward incident due to pet dog/cat injured along with imposition of monetary penalty of ₹ 10000/- (from 01.03.2023). The cost of the treatment of the person/animal will be borne by the owner of the pet dog.He wrote in many of his tweets, today in the 207th board meeting of the Noida Authority, the decision regarding the policy formulation of the Noida Authority for stray/pet dogs/pet cats The policy has been decided by the authority following the guidelines of Animal Welfare Board of India for Noida area.

Penalty for not registering and vaccination
Noida CEO informed that the registration of pet dogs and cats is mandatory till 31.01.2023. Penalty will be imposed in case of non-registration. He wrote, “Sterilization/antirabies vaccination of pet dogs has been made mandatory. In case of its violation (from 01.03.2023), a fine of Rs.2000 per month has been provided.”

The owner will also clean the dog’s mess
Noida CEO tweeted, “With the consent of RWA, AOA and village residents, dog shelters will be constructed for street dogs who have become sick, aggressive, or aggressive, whose maintenance will also be the responsibility of the concerned RWA, AOA.” The tweet read, “Requirement identification of feeding places on outdoor areas where food and drink arrangements will be made by feeders / RWAs, AOA only. Apart from this, he told that the animal owner is responsible for cleaning the pet dog when it is littered in a public place. Will be

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