Now neither China will survive nor Pakistan Indian Army is going to form theater command

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Indian Army (representational photo)

Indian Army vs US & China Army:The Indian Army is now going to form such a command, which will make it difficult for enemies China and Pakistan to survive. At present, India has the second largest army in the world after China in terms of active troops. On the other hand, in terms of largest armies, India is the fourth largest army in the world after America, Russia and China. But now to compete with countries like America and China, Prime Minister Modi has made a plan to make the Indian Army more powerful. For this, theater command is going to be formed in India on the lines of America and China. This will be the biggest achievement for India. According to Army sources, the theater command can be implemented in the country before March 2023.

Now these countries have theater command

The world’s most powerful countries America, China and Russia have theater commands. Means one command consisting of all the three armies. Which can destroy the enemy country by taking decisions in the blink of an eye. At present, India has its own separate and multiple commands of the three armies. In such a situation, it is difficult to take decisions during war. It also takes more time. But having a theater command, the strength of the three armies gets combined. Making the complete strategy of war on any country then comes in the hands of the theater command. The theater command formulates a battle strategy and orders the attack, keeping in view the strength and circumstances of the enemy. It is the theater command that directs when and where the army should attack and when the air force or navy should attack or how they should encircle the enemy. Now India is also going to set up a theater command on the lines of America and China. In this, water, land and air forces together will take on the enemy. At present there are seven commands each of the Army and the Air Force and three commands of the Navy. That is, India has a total of 17 commands of the three armies. Now they will be integrated. This will increase the strength of the army.

The strength of all the three armies will become one.
Prime Minister Modi had started working on the concept of creating a theater command since the formation of the CDS. Several rounds of talks had also been held with his former CDS General Bipin Rawat regarding this. Naval Defense and Air Defense Command were to be made functional in the year 2021 itself. But this work was stopped due to the death of General Rawat in a helicopter accident. But now the army has again started working fast on it. Now work is on to activate the theater command by March 2023. In this, along with Air and Naval Defense, Army Defense i.e. Army Command will also be added together.

Army will be able to take quick decisions
According to Army sources, Air Defense Command will be activated first in the Theater Command. After this the Naval Defense and Army Defense Command will be activated. These three theater commands will report to the CDS. Now many commands in every army will be merged into just one command. The three army commands will be called theater commands. This will make it easier for the army to take decisions and attack the enemy country in quick mode. After this, the army will be able to launch all-round attacks on the enemy country in the blink of an eye like America and China.

The strength of the army will increase manifold
After the formation of theater command, logistic and space command will also be formed. It would be difficult for the enemy country to distinguish these commands. These commands will be equipped with all the state-of-the-art technologies. Along with keeping an eye on the preparations of any enemy country, they will also be able to make an action plan to attack them. The Logistics and Space Command will be the most state-of-the-art command of the Army. It can locate the enemy in minutes and seconds and destroy their bases. Wherever the enemy is hiding, it will be very difficult for him to escape.

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