OMG: A unique incident happening inside the sea, octopuses throwing debris targeting each other. OMG Unique phenomenon happening inside the sea octopuses throwing debris targeting each other

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The behavior of the octopus tetricus in Jervis Bay, Australia is under discussion.

OMG: The events happening inside the sea often thrill the human mind. This time the case is about the 8-armed octopus. Octopus is considered to be such an animal, which prefers to be alone. But the behavior of the octopus tetricus in Jervis Bay, Australia, remains a topic of discussion. These octopuses are throwing shells, ocean debris and algae present inside the ocean at each other.

This has been revealed in research published in the journal Nature. It said that the team found during the research that the octopus collected shell, debris and algae with its arms and threw them away. They also threw things at each other targeting each other.

What do the researchers think?

Researchers believe they do not know why octopuses are behaving like this. It may also be that octopuses live in this way in their social life. But it is interesting to see them throwing stuff at each other.

Researchers also believe that octopuses may express their feelings by throwing objects at each other. Or they can also do this to establish contact with each other.

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