OMG: Leopard and dog had a face-off on the road, seeing VIDEO, people pressed their fingers under their teeth. OMG Leopard and dog had a face off on the road Video Viral

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Leopard and dog had a face-off on the road

OMG: Have you ever wondered what would happen if a leopard comes in front of a normal animal? Everyone knows that the leopard will hunt him, but the video that is going viral on social media is really shocking. It is seen in this video that a dog suddenly encounters a leopard but the dog is not afraid but stands in front of the leopard.

This video has been tweeted by Twitter user @JaikyYadav16. He captioned it that if he was scared, he would surely die. In the video, a dog is seen lying comfortably on the road. Suddenly a leopard from one side pounces towards him and tries to kill him. But the dog gets up quickly and starts barking loudly at the leopard.

After persistent opposition from the dog, the leopard retracts its steps and goes back. Everyone is stunned to see this video because the dog was much weaker than the leopard. Twitter users are writing that the dog has tried to give this message that even if you are weak, you can save your life by protesting in front of the strong.

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