OMG The girl who slept on mobile phone got electrocuted in her sleep died. The girl who slept on mobile phone charging got electrocuted in her sleep, died

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Mobile Phone Charging Issue


  • Didn’t wake up after sleeping on mobile phone charging
  • 17 year old girl died due to electrocution while sleeping
  • Khorn Serre Pov was a resident of Krati province

OMG: We have seen many times that people often put their mobile phone on charging at night and then go to sleep. But to do so is to risk life because in the latest case a 17-year-old girl has died due to this reason. Actually this girl slept at night with her mobile on charging, but she died due to electrocution. According to media reports, this matter has come to the fore from Cambodia. The girl has been identified as Khorn Srey Pov and she was a resident of Kreti province.

What happened?

Khorn Sere Pov had put her mobile phone on charging and fell asleep on top of it. After this he suffered an electric shock and died. She was a translator by profession and worked as a Chinese translation company in a gold mining company. According to reports, Khorn was lying on the bed after taking a bath and had her mobile on charging. During this, the flashlight of his mobile was also on. During this she fell asleep and fell asleep. Then suddenly he got electric shock and he died.

This incident is being told on July 27. After this matter came to light, people are asking to be careful while charging mobiles on social media. Many people also say that mobile companies should develop their products in such a way that there is no danger of current during charging.

debate on social media

Many users have now raised the issue on social media that we should also run an awareness campaign because such incidents are coming to the fore in which people are losing their lives due to mobile phones. There have been many such cases in India too, in which people lost their lives due to the explosion of mobile battery or the accident while charging.

Mobile users are advised to keep in mind that as soon as the mobile is charged, remove it from the charger. Because it has often been seen that accidents related to mobile have happened when the mobile was on charging.

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