OMG The snake swallowed the towel the female doctors pulled it out like this see VIDEO. The snake swallowed the towel, the female doctors pulled it out like this, see VIDEO

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snake video viral


  • snake swallowed towel
  • women doctors pulled out
  • Doctors were also surprised

OMG: Have you ever seen a snake swallowing a towel? Or have you ever read that a snake swallowed a towel? If you have never seen and never read like this then now your senses will be blown away by watching a video. A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which doctors are seen removing a towel from the mouth of a snake. Although usually snakes do not do this, but seeing what happened this time, no one can believe their eyes.

Actually Twitter user @TheFigen has posted a video, in which some doctors are trying to open the mouth of a snake and take something out of it. It can be seen in this video that after the hard work of the doctors, a cloth starts coming out of the snake’s mouth. This cloth grows bigger as it comes out of the snake’s mouth and the doctors are also surprised.

The thing with which the female doctors are removing the cloth also breaks. However, the doctors do not give up and in the end take out the entire cloth from the snake’s mouth. During this, the snake becomes unconscious and the cloth keeps coming out of its mouth.

Let us tell you that till the writing of the news, this video has got one crore forty lakh views. One user wrote whether these women are getting happy for snakes or for towels. So friends, keep one thing in mind, do not throw human things in the forests, such as plastic bottles and other items which can prove to be dangerous for animals.

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