Osama Bin Laden: The connection between Osama bin Laden and Prince Charles! 10 cr from terrorist’s brothers – alqaeda leader osama bin ladens family donated rs 964 cr to prince charles in 2013 report

A report has claimed that the family of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, gave 1 million pounds (Rs 9.64 crore) to Prince Charles of Britain. It is being told that Prince Charles took this money in the year 2013. It has been revealed in the report that Prince Charles received this amount from two people named Bakker and Shafiq bin Laden. Let us tell you that both of them are the half-brothers of Osama bin Laden, who organized the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

According to ‘The Sunday Times’, Prince of Wales Prince Charles met the half-brothers of the al Qaeda founder in London and agreed to accept the amount of 1 million GBP.

The report said that several advisers close to Britain’s successor Prince Charles advised him to return the money. At the same time, the Clarence House office of the Prince has categorically denied this.

Money taken from Osama bin Laden’s brothers in 2013

A Clarence House spokesman told Sky News: “The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund (PWCF) has assured us that no such transactions will be accepted. But the papers claim that Charles, 73, In 2013 at Clarence House in London, the prince confessed to the amount, despite objections from the K Trust and advisers from his office.

Charles also took money from Saudi businessman

In February, Charles resigned after British police investigated the Charles Foundation over claims of a cash-for-honours scam involving a Saudi businessman.

Former Prime Minister of Qatar also handed over a bag of money

According to the report of The Sunday Times, the former Prime Minister of Qatar Sheikh also held private meetings with Charles and gave Charles in large quantities during the meetings itself. According to reports, during another one-to-one meeting at Clarence House in 2015, Charles took another bag full of 1 million euros in cash.

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