Paddy Upton Returns to Indian Team For Upcoming T20 World Cup S Sreesanth Gives Harsh Statement

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Paddy Upton with Head Coach Gary Kirsten and World Cup winning Team India


  • Paddy Upton was also present with the 2011 world champion Team India
  • Upton will be associated with the team till the end of T20 World Cup 2022
  • Upton has also worked with Rahul Dravid in Rajasthan Royals

Paddy Upton: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has played a big bet ahead of the upcoming T20 World Cup. Where the board had appointed MS Dhoni as a mentor before the same tournament in 2021. At the same time, now Paddy Upton, who played a key role in the team’s World Cup win in 2011, has been called back as a mental conditioning coach for a short time i.e. till the T20 World Cup. Let us tell you that the job of the person present in this post is to keep the players of the team mentally fit and stress free.

After his appointment, Sreesanth, who was part of the world-winning team India under his coaching in 2011, has given a big statement. Talking to Mid-Day, the former fast bowler made it clear that he does not think that Paddy had any special contribution in this. Rather, South African legend Gary Kirsten, who was the head coach of that Wakti Team India, played an important role in this achievement. Sreesanth also said that Gary started preparing for the World Cup from 2008 itself.

Sreesanth’s full statement

Sreesanth said, “Only one percent of the work was done by Paddy Upton. The rest 99 percent of the work was done by Gary Kirsten. He (Upton) was just his assistant. He has come back because he worked with Rahul Bhai (Rahul Dravid) earlier. Have worked (in Rajasthan Royals). Rahul bhai will definitely make good use of him as Upton is a good yoga teacher. Gary was a wonderful coach. Every player would agree with that. That’s when 2007-08 CB Series (Australia) He had started making the vision of the World Cup 2011 since he came for the World Cup 2011. I remember during the fielding he used to say to other players including Suresh Raina that anyone who wants to win the 2011 World Cup will start this series. (CB Series) only.”

T20 World Cup 2022: The return of the member who made India the world champion, BCCI played a big bet before the World Cup

‘I don’t think Upton will be able to do miracles’

Sreesanth further said, “I don’t think Upton will be able to do any miracle. Even if we win the T20 World Cup, it will be because of the experience of the Killadis and Rahul bhai. We have a good team. But I don’t think the person who will.” That aap sab baat rahe rahe (Paddy Upton) he will be able to do something different. Even if you play domestic cricket, you have to be mentally fit. So the conditioning is already going on.”

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