Pakhi’s difficulties are going to increase in Anupamaa, twist is going to come with the entry of 2 new characters in the show / anupamaa upcoming twist high voltage drama between Pakhi and Anupamaa read latest tv news

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Pakhi’s difficulties are going to increase in Anupamaa

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: These days such twists are happening in TV’s most famous show ‘Anupamaa’ which the audience would not have even guessed. There is a lot of fighting and quarrel in the function of spoiled Pakhi’s marriage. Anupama and Vanraj’s daughter Pakhi’s misbehavior and greed for money are increasing now, in such a situation, Anupama is not liking this behavior of Pakhi at all. In the show, Anupama enumerates Pakhi’s evils in front of everyone, hearing which everyone present at the party gets shocked.

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More twists are going to be seen in ‘Anupamaa’. According to the report of Telechakkar, 2 new characters are going to be entered in the serial. Actress Nishi Saxena and Rishabh Jaiswal can be seen in the serial. However, till now no statement of the makers of the serial has been revealed in this regard.

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You must have seen Nishi Saxena in the serial Neema Denzongpa. With the entry of these 2 new characters, there will be a big change in the story of ‘Anupamaa’. Now when this big change will happen in the serial, it will be known only when the time comes. Currently, Pakhi and more are the main attraction of the serial. Pakhi got married without informing the family members, after which now Anuj Kapadia is getting Pakhi married again with much fanfare. But in the middle of this wedding function, another twist has come with the fight between Anupama and Pakhi.

Viewers are getting very entertained watching the high voltage drama in the show. First the chapter of Toshu-Kinjal and now Pakhi-Adhika has opened, after which it seems that now it will be the turn of summer. Rupali Ganguly has become a household name by playing the character of Anupama. Rupali Ganguly’s pictures and videos also go viral on social media.

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