Pakistan mystery girl Zahira Baloch viral on social media said such a thing for India | Pakistan’s mystery girl viral on social media, said such a thing for India

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Zahira Baloch

Pakistan Mystery Girl Pak vs NZ : The thrill of T20 World Cup 2022 is speaking loudly at the moment. The Pakistani team, which seemed to be out of the semi-finals itself, first secured its seat in the semi-finals and after that the team has reached the final as well. Today the second semi-final match will be played between India and England and after that it will be decided which team will face Pakistan in the final. Pakistan defeated a strong team like New Zealand in the semi-finals. While Pakistan got the victory, on the other hand a girl from Pakistan has also become tremendously viral on social media. This girl dominated social media all day. But do you know who is this girl and what is her name? Meanwhile, after going viral on social media, he has also said a special thing for India.

Pakistan’s Zahira Baloch has gone viral on social media

Actually the first semi-final was being played between Pakistan and New Zealand. Batting first, New Zealand scored 152 runs in 20 overs and Pakistan needed only 153 runs to win. Pakistan openers Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan gave the team a good start. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan played excellent innings. Thanks to the innings of these two, the Pakistani team was soon seen winning the match. During this, Pakistani fans were seen swinging in the stadium. But everyone’s eyes were drawn towards her by a girl who was cheering the team by wearing the flag of Pakistan. When the camera went towards that girl, it was seen that she was seen kissing the team. The broadcaster’s camera went to that girl for a while, but after that the same video went viral on social media, soon this girl started trending.

Here is the complete profile of Zahira Baloch
When India TV tried to find out who this girl is after all, her profile was also found on social media and it was found that her name is Zahira Baloch. Zahira Baloch came on Twitter recently i.e. in August this year, so her followers are less, but she keeps on tweeting about the Pakistani team. It was learned that she is a resident of Balochistan and is also a social worker. They work for Baloch land and Balochistan. After trending on social media, he wrote that many thanks to Indian fans for showering love on me. But saying all this the contribution of Babar Azam and Rizwan of Pakistan cannot be ignored. I love you all. The videos and photos that were shared on social media have also been shared by Zahira.

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