Pakistani Show: This Pakistani drama on this mother who lives as a man is a superhit, if you haven’t seen then watch it today

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Pakistani drama

Pakistani Show: The most important thing is the identity of the people. What do people do to make a good identity for themselves? At the same time, a TV serial Bakhtawar from Pakistan is trending fiercely on social media these days. This serial is a real story of a woman living in Lahore who is living life as a boy without showing her real identity for many years.

Please tell that the name of this woman is Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi. Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi who faced many difficult situations in his life. Not only this, she is living her life by hiding her identity as a boy. The lead role of Farheen in the show is being played by actress Yumna Zaidi. Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi does this because she can save her daughter from the judging society. Farheen Ishtiaq did small jobs in many places for a living before starting his business. When things went a little right in his life, he shared his story with people. Farheen Ishtiaq, who has been living in Lahore for the last 8 years, worked from cashier to cab driver. She is still leading a life full of struggle with her daughter.

Yumna Zaidi is playing the character of Farheen in the show

Actress Yumna Zaidi is playing the character of Farheen in Bakhtawar TV show. Yumna’s character is also being praised a lot. The show has been on air since July 17. Everyone is liking this show. The show Bakhtawar is collecting a lot of TRP in Pakistan. In this serial, an important character is shown as Bakhtavar. Farheen Ishtiar Naqvi’s struggle is giving more power to this story. For this reason, this TV serial is very much liked by the people.

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Very difficult character…

By the way, everyone is praising the performance of Yumna Zaidi in the show but few people know that the story of this show is based on real life story. This is the story of Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, who has suffered a lot in his life. The entertainment, emotions and suspense in the show are making it even better. Social matters are shown in the show.

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