Panic spread among passengers due to snake sighting in train. Snake In Train trivandrum nizamuddin express Passengers panic

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Snake In Train


  • Snake spotted in Trivandrum-Nizamuddin Express train
  • Snake experts were also called, but remained in vain
  • The passengers were astonished as to how the snake got inside the compartment.

Snake In Train: There was panic among the passengers in the sleeper coach of Trivandrum-Nizamuddin Express when a man inside the coach late on Wednesday evening. snake seen. When the train reached Tirur railway station, the snake was spotted, but despite several attempts to locate the snake, it could not be pulled out and then the train proceeded with the passengers.

Snake experts were also called but all was in vain

After 10 pm when the train reached Kozhikode, a search was conducted again, but this too failed and after an hour the train started on its onward journey. Railway officials also called snake experts to locate the snake, but that too was in vain. The passengers were perplexed as to how a snake got inside the compartment and it was later discovered that there was a space in the floor of the compartment and he might have entered from that place and went back through the same.

…when the woman in the coach ran screaming
Let us tell you that one such case had come to the fore three years ago in the Kurla-Varanasi Kamayani Express train. There was a stir in the train when a female passenger started running screaming in a coach saying that there was a snake in the train. Seeing the woman’s panic, other passengers in the coach were also scared. The complaint was made after the news of snake in the train spread in the coach. As soon as the train reached Sagar railway station, the entire bogie was vacated and the investigation was done. Only then did the passengers breathe a sigh of relief.

Sagar GRP had already called Aakil Baba, an expert in snake catching, to the station. The snake was discovered as soon as the coach of the train was empty, but the snake was nowhere to be seen. After this the train was dispatched. After checking, the passengers may have heaved a sigh of relief, but he had a snake in his mind. Some passengers even changed coaches.

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