Players and officials ate biryani worth Rs 43 lakh in Jammu and Kashmir? , Jammu Kashmir Biryani Scam JKFA accused of rs 43 lakh scam

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  • 43 lakh biryani scam in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Bought Biryani worth Rs 43 lakh from ‘Mughal Darbar’
  • When the investigation was done, the veil was lifted from the secret, the bill turned out to be fake

Jammu Kashmir Biryani Scam: A shocking biryani scam has come to the fore in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir The Football Association (JKFA) had bought biryani for Rs 43 lakh, which no one has ever seen or eaten. The Jammu and Kashmir Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has revealed this in its investigation. Investigation revealed that Rs 50 lakh was given to the Kashmir division by the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council. Out of this budget of Rs 50 lakh, 43 lakh was shown to be used but when the investigation was done, the veil was revealed. It was told in the plea that the association bought biryani worth Rs 43 lakh from a local eatery ‘Mughal Darbar’ as a refreshment for the youth, but the bill was found to be fake on investigation.

The shop for which the receipt was shown never existed

An ACB source said, “No one has ever seen or eaten the biryani for which the association claimed to have paid Rs 43 lakh to the Mughal court. This bill has turned out to be fake. A receipt of Rs 1,41,300 was shown from a stationery and hardware shop named Bemina, the source said. Investigators have found that the shop never existed.

Biryani not given in food
According to the information received, money was given for organizing football matches of tournaments like Khelo India and Mufti Memorial Gold Cup in Jammu and Kashmir. The officials of the Football Association gave Rs 43,06,500 to restaurants like Mughal Darbar, Polo View Srinagar in the name of giving biryani to the district team during the organization of these matches. But in the investigation it was found that no team was given biryani to eat in any district in the whole of Kashmir.

Same person handwriting on all bills
At the same time, let us tell you that further investigation has also revealed that all these bills have the same person’s handwriting, thus proving to be fake. According to ACB officials, the probe was conducted by the bureau after a complaint was filed by Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat of Sopore. The complaint alleged that funds provided by the J&K Sports Council and other government and semi-government agencies were scammed, which is yet to be investigated. ACB sources said that JKFA president Jamir Thakur, treasurer SS Bunty, chief executive Fayaz Ahmed and SA Hameed have been booked under various sections of the criminal law relating to forgery and criminal conspiracy.

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