PM Modi did another demonetisation!…But you don’t know, know when and how it happened?

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PM Modi did another demonetisation in India:On November 8, 2016, demonetisation took place for the first time in the country. During that time, where there was a wave of happiness among the people of the country, there was mourning in the house of corrupt people and black money. Today six years have passed since demonetisation. During demonetisation, the common people also suffered a lot for the betterment of the country, but they did not feel any pain. Many people still get distracted by reminiscing about demonetisation. After this, if asked for the second demonetisation in the country, people may not be easily prepared. But you will be surprised to know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again done “demonetisation” in the country. It is a different matter that you could not get to know about this demonetisation till now, nor did PM Modi let you get any trouble this time. When and how this demonetisation happened, why was it kept so secret this time. Let us tell you everything about this.

That time of 8 o’clock on November 8, 2016, still reminds many people of the past, when PM Modi announced the ban of 500 and 1000 rupees notes for the first time in the country. This caused panic in the whole country. At the same time, there was a stir in the world due to this sudden announcement in India, because it was sure to have an impact on the whole world. Even though the government may be accused that no planning was done before demonetisation, but according to experts this demonetisation was not sudden. For this, PM Modi had secretly planned for a long time. Otherwise, demonetisation would never have been possible in the country.

This time PM did the second demonetisation in the country

Anil Bokil, the father of the revolution and the country’s big economist, says that when the 500 and 1000 rupee notes were discontinued, at that time they were up to 86 percent of the total currency. Their percentage was continuously increasing in the total currency of the country. If there was no demonetisation in 2016, then in the next two-four years, the big notes of 500 and 1000 rupees would have become 90 to 95 percent. Then the country’s economy would freeze. Because there are no small notes to retail the currency. By discontinuing these notes, the government got the 2000 rupee note introduced. Many questions were also raised on this that corruption will increase due to this. But there were motives related to the national interest behind the issuance of 2000 rupee notes, which not everyone can understand. It was introduced as an alternative to 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Otherwise the economy could not run. Later it was planned to draw with.

2000 note with drawn
Anil Bokil claims that the Modi government had withdrawn the notes of 2000 rupees only two and a half years ago. It can be considered as a kind of demonetisation. Because when the government started it, digital payment was not in vogue at that time. As digital payments grew, it was drawn with. Now the government has stopped printing 2000 rupee notes. If you have an old 2000 rupee note and you want to replace it with a new one, then it will not be available now. Because the government has stopped printing new notes. He says that many notes of 2000 rupees have been returned to the bank. This big note which is left is now locked only in corruption and hawala. Those who do business of number two, they still have this currency. But if not today, she will come tomorrow. After that it will be difficult to do corruption. Two thousand notes are no longer in retail circulation. Now 500 note is the biggest. Despite this, the market is running very smoothly, because there is no demand for two thousand rupees note.

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