PM Modi mentioned Bali Yatra during G-20 summit in indonesia sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik said – thank you

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Sand boat being prepared by Sudarshan Patnaik

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived to attend the G-20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia. During this, while addressing the program of the Indian community there, PM Modi said that the festival of ‘Bali Yatra’ is being celebrated on the banks of Mahanadi in Cuttack city of India, 1500 kilometers away from Bali. He said that this festival is a celebration of thousands of years of trade relations between India and Indonesia. Sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik has thanked PM Modi for this.

Sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik tweeted, “Thank you Honorable Prime Minister of India @narendramodi ji for speaking about the glorious history of ‘Bali Yatra’ in Cuttack, Odisha and the maritime heritage of India-Indonesia trade and tradition in Bali.”

When the boat is ready, it will also be launched

Along with this, Sudarshan Patnaik has also shared the video of the sand boat. Explain that the world’s largest sand boat is being built by Sudarshan Patnaik in Cuttack, Odisha. The special thing is that more than 25,000 earthen lamps have been placed on it. Once the boat is ready, it will also be launched. This sand boat is being made in the shape of a bird. Special attention has been paid to the colours. It is being prepared with the help of many people. Significantly, Sudarshan Patnaik has participated in more than 50 sand sculpture competitions around the world. Out of these, he has raised the prestige of India by securing the first position several times.

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