President, millionaire, industrialist, why husband is behind all this, have you ever thought? Let’s know about this President, millionaire, industrialist, why is the husband behind all this?

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  • The word husband means owner
  • The word originated from the Iranian language
  • biggest gender problem

Rashtrapati: Recently the presidential election has ended. BJP’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu won this election. Today we have brought some interesting information for you, about which you may not be aware. You must have always been using such words as President, Vice President, Industrialist and Millionaire in your daily life and you must have been hearing it on daily newspaper, television. Have you ever wondered why the husband is behind these words? Well, now you have arrived at the right address. Today we will tell you why husband is used behind these words.

Why husband behind these words?

The word husband means owner. That is, understand in simple words that Swami means superior or owner of any property. Let us tell you for specific information that in the Indoor Iranian language, the meaning of Swami is considered as God and Guru. It is said that the word husband is very old. The word originated from the Iranian language.

Why is it called husband after marriage?

You have already understood the meaning of a husband, now let us understand that what is the logic of why a man is called a husband after marriage. Is there any rule or is there any law. Husband can also be called husband, but husband speaks in Hindi and we have to know why it is spoken? In Hindi language, husband is used as a suffix. “P” means your protector. One who can protect you.

Why is this word so much talked about?

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had used the word insulting the President while standing in the House 3 days ago. Chowdhury called the President a “national wife”. Due to which the MPs of BJP created a ruckus, protesting from the road to the house. Union Minister Smriti Irani was the most vocal about this matter. He had asked Congress President Sonia Gandhi to apologize for this. However, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had apologized for the matter. He had said that the word had come out of my mouth by mistake. Let us tell you, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury comes from Bengal. If you know Bengalis well, then you will also be aware of their Hindi. Bengalis do not have good Hindi. Due to which many times we make mistakes in pronouncing such words. You must have seen how Bengali women use words which if seen in Hindi would be considered completely wrong. That is, the biggest problem is gender. Women always say I go, I eat, I live. This word will be considered as the biggest mistake in Hindi language. Bengali is mainly spoken in Bengal. If you have seen someone speaking pure Hindi in Bengal, then usually these people belong from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or Hindi speaking area.

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