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Today I will tell about some worrying trends seen in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh bordering Nepal and four districts of Assam bordering Bangladesh. According to this sensitive report sent by the UP and Assam Police to the Union Home Ministry two days ago, many shocking things have come to the fore. The demographic change in these border districts is disturbing.

According to the UP Police, there has been a 32 per cent increase in the Muslim population in the last 10 years in 7 border districts, Pilibhit, Lakhimpur Kheri, Shravasti, Siddharth Nagar, Maharajganj, Balrampur and Bahraich. The number of mosques and madrasas has also increased rapidly in these districts. In the ground report, data of more than one thousand villages of these districts has been collected. In 116 villages in these 7 districts, the Muslim population has increased by more than 50 percent, while there are about 303 villages in the border areas where the Muslim population has increased by more than 30 percent in the last 10 years. The number of mosques in these districts has also increased by about 25 per cent.

In Dhubri, Karimganj, South Salmara and Cachar districts of Assam bordering Bangladesh, the Muslim population has increased by more than 30 percent. It has also come to the fore that not only in UP and Assam, but also in many districts of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan and Uttarakhand bordering China, the number of mosques and madrasas has increased rapidly.

After the information about the sudden increase in the population of Muslims came to light, the security agencies posted on the border have warned the government, pointing towards an international conspiracy. The police of Uttar Pradesh and Assam have expressed apprehension that illegal infiltrators are camping in the areas adjoining the border. Police reports from both the states said that the Muslim population in border districts has increased by 32 per cent since 2011, while the change is between 10 and 15 per cent across the country. The sudden increase in the population of Muslims in the border districts is a very serious issue.

In its report, the UP Police has expressed apprehension that Muslims have been brought from outside in these 7 border districts bordering Nepal. It has been said in the report that 1047 villages of these 7 districts share the Nepal border, out of which in 116 villages the population of Muslims has increased by 50 percent during 10 years. Of these, there are 303 villages in which the population of Muslims has increased by 30 to 50 percent. The report says that these areas have also seen a jump of up to 25 per cent in the number of mosques and madrasas in the last four years. According to the report, in 2018, there were a total of 1349 mosques and madrasas in the border districts adjoining Nepal and now their number has increased to 1688.

The problem before the UP Police is that how to check the documents of each individual, and even if it does, how to find out whether the new names that have been registered in the Panchayat records are valid or illegal. How can the police tell whether the documents being shown are real or fake. Security agencies have full suspicion that people from outside are being settled in these border districts and their fake documents have also been prepared.

Hindu sadhus and mahants visiting the border districts also say that when they go to the border areas with Nepal, it is clear that the population of Muslims has increased rapidly. Mosques and madrasas are visible at a distance. He said that the government should find out how the Muslim population suddenly increased in the border districts. It should be investigated whether they are Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi infiltrators.

In the report presented by the Assam Police in the meeting of state police chiefs, it has been said that the Muslim population of the districts located in the radius of 10 km from the Bangladesh border has seen a jump of about 30 percent, while the population has increased during the same period. The national average was 12.5 percent and the state average was 13.5 percent.

In other words, in the districts of Assam bordering Bangladesh, the rate of increase in Muslim population was about two and a half times higher than the national average. The 4 districts of Assam where the Muslim population increased rapidly are Dhubri, Karimganj, Cachar and South Salmara. The Muslim population here was 3,95,659 in 2011 which increased to 5,13,126 in 2021. Assam Police officials believe that infiltration of Muslims from Bangladesh continues into the state.

A strange thing has been mentioned in the report of Assam Police. There is also a village near the border where only 5 families live, but suddenly 4 mosques were built there. When the villagers were asked who built these mosques, where did the money come from, there was no response. In the last one month, about one and a half dozen Bangladeshi infiltrators have been apprehended. It has been claimed that the work of making fake documents of foreigners is also going on in full swing in this area.

Apart from UP and Assam, the population of Muslims has increased in the areas adjacent to the border in Rajasthan too. Suddenly new madrasas and mosques started appearing. This change was also noticed by the BSF and sent its report to the Ministry of Home Affairs. When the BSF analyzed the ground reality, it was revealed that there was a difference of only 8-10 percent in the population of people of other religions, but the population of Muslims increased by 25 percent. The BSF in its report even said that the number of madrassas has increased, and the number of children going to madrasas has also increased.

Apart from this, such Maulvis and Maulana are also seen in the border areas like Pokhran, Mohangarh and Jaisalmer who are outsiders, the BSF report said. The clerics who teach in most of the madrasas in these areas are also not local. BJP MP from Chittorgarh CP Joshi said that the Congress government in Rajasthan is adopting the policy of appeasement, so the Muslims who have come from outside are not being checked.

UP, Assam and Rajasthan are big and old states, but even in Uttarakhand formed about 22 years ago, the pace of increase in Muslim population in the areas adjoining Nepal is astonishing. The number of Muslims in Uttarakhand has increased 2.5 times in the last 10 years. Just a few days ago there was news that massive tombs have been built in the forests of Uttarakhand and Rohingya Muslims have settled their settlements. After this news came to the fore, orders have been given by the state government to remove the tomb and Rohingya Muslims from the forest land.

Concern was first expressed in the presence of Prime Minister Modi during the DGP conference in November 2021 regarding the increasing population of Muslims in districts bordering Nepal in Uttar Pradesh and areas adjoining Bangladesh in Assam. Prime Minister Modi was presiding this conference and a detailed report was presented by the UP Police in front of him. This report has been updated 2 days ago. The UP Police had also highlighted in its presentation that earlier there used to be a mixed population of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in the villages near the border, but now the Muslim population in these districts is increasing very fast.

If a large number of people from neighboring countries, from Pakistan and Bangladesh are being sent to our border areas, then it is a matter of concern. If under the conspiracy of Pakistan and China, Muslims are being settled in the areas adjacent to the border of India, then it is a serious issue. On this report of UP and Assam Police, immediate action should be taken on the information of BSF and this conspiracy should be rooted out. (Rajat Sharma)

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