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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

To gauge the political mood of the people of the country, we conducted a nationwide opinion poll to find out which party would win if the Lok Sabha elections were held today. The India TV-Matrix Opinion Poll has predicted that the NDA will get an absolute majority if the Lok Sabha elections are held now.

The survey predicts a big victory for the NDA in northern, western, central and north-eastern India. On the other hand, regional and non-BJP parties will do better in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, while the Trinamool Congress’s winning streak will continue in West Bengal. That was the brief conclusion of this entire opinion poll.

If we talk about popularity, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still at the top. With a choice of 48 per cent, he has left behind Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and other leaders of the opposition. This survey was done by Matrij News from July 11 to July 24 among 34 thousand people, in which about 20 thousand men and 14 thousand women participated.

Opinion polls have projected the Narendra Modi-led NDA to win 362 out of the total 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. If this trend continues till the elections, then Narendra Modi can create history. He can match the record of Jawaharlal Nehru. Because till now only Jawaharlal Nehru has won three consecutive Lok Sabha elections in 1952, 1957 and 1962. Usually by the end of the five-year term, anti-incumbency (anti-incumbency) wave starts against any leader or party, but in the case of Modi, the opposite is true. Despite several issues like communal tension, inflation and unemployment, his popularity rating has been rising steadily.

According to the India TV-Matrix Opinion Poll, if the Lok Sabha elections are held today, the details of seats on the basis of party may remain as follows.

NDA-362 seats (BJP-326, JDU-14, Shinde Shiv Sena-11, Others-11), UPA-97 seats (Congress-39, DMK-25, NCP-6, RJD-4, Thackeray Shiv Sena-3, Others -20). Whereas ‘Others’, which includes regional parties and independents, can get 84 seats (Trinamool Congress-26, YSR Congress-9, TRS-8, Aam Aadmi Party-5, Samajwadi Party-2 others and Independents-24). Huh.

This prediction of opinion polls clearly shows that this is the effect of leadership. The performance of the party depends on who is in the leadership of the party, how strong is the leader and what is his image. Its effect is visible in the survey. The graph of Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi has been falling continuously since 2014. According to the survey, Congress will make a record of reaching the lowest figure. The special thing is that during this time there was a global epidemic like Corona, due to Russia-Ukraine war oil crisis also arose. Despite this, NDA is increasing its seats under the leadership of Modi.

Regarding Modi’s growing popularity, Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said that despite facing so much crisis at the global level, the way Prime Minister Modi handled the situation, delivered ration to the poor during Corona, due to which he helped the country. Has touched the hearts of the people. And this is the reason why the NDA government has become stronger than before.

How Modi managed to overthrow the leaders of opposition parties and became the number one leader of the country, no survey is needed to get an answer. Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, K. Many leaders like Chandrasekhar Rao and Deve Gowda have said many times in public forums that no one can compete with Modi alone. Opposition parties will have to fight Modi together.

Almost all opposition parties have accepted that Modi is the biggest, most powerful and most popular leader of India at the moment, the survey only confirms and confirms this. Narendra Modi’s opponents also believe that in the last eight years, Modi has increased his stature in the country’s politics to such an extent that no one is visible even far and wide in his competition. There doesn’t seem to be a single leader who has the ability to challenge them.

What is the secret of this popularity of Modi?

I think the biggest secret of this is Modi’s hard work. Narendra Modi is busy working day and night. Be it the work of running the government, the organization of the BJP, or contesting elections, Modi leads the front everywhere. Obviously whoever does all this will have to work tirelessly. There will be no time for rest and no time for entertainment. I have never seen another leader working so hard in my career of forty years.

The second secret of Modi’s success is that the schemes he made and implemented for the poor and downtrodden have instilled confidence among the people. Before Modi, only promises were received from leaders and governments, but in Narendra Modi’s government, when people got houses, ration, cooking gas, electricity, water and roads, then people felt that there is a leader, he fulfills what he says. Is. Obviously why the public will not support such a leader? All these things are reflected in our survey, which we aired on India TV on Friday.

There are other reasons for calling Modi the most popular leader of the country. First, people have faith that Narendra Modi is a staunch patriot and the country is safe in his hands.

Secondly, before Modi became the Prime Minister, people used to think that leaders are not honest. There is only corruption in politics. But after the arrival of Modi, during his 8 years of rule, there was a belief in the minds of the people that a corruption-free government can run with honesty. People do not have even the slightest doubt on the honesty of Narendra Modi.

Thirdly, the Hindu society of the country feels that the work of appeasement has stopped because of Modi. Now it is visible that leaders of other parties also go to temple, offer puja, show janeu and claim themselves to be good Hindu.

Fourth, Modi’s third eye is always on his political opponents. Modi has a strong team which is engaged day and night in the work of locating the opponents.

Fifthly, the leaders-workers of BJP have full faith in one of their leaders as compared to other parties. There is no other power center in the party, nor is there any parallel leadership in the government. BJP workers and leaders believe that only Modi can make them win and Modi can run the government. What is visible in the India TV survey is the effect of all these things. (Rajat Sharma)

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