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26-year-old woman Shraddha Walker was brutally murdered by her live-in partner, 28-year-old Aftab Amin Poonawalla. This murder shook the whole country.

The killer strangled Shraddha to death in May this year in anger. Bought a big fridge to keep his dead body. Since the body could not come in the fridge, he cut the body into 35 pieces with an electric saw and threw them in the Mehrauli forest of South Delhi for 18 days. The Mumbai Police came to Delhi after the complaint was registered about the girl’s disappearance. Delhi Police arrested Aftab on November 11.

Shocking details are coming to the fore about this frenzy, how Aftab cut his body into pieces and fed it to stray dogs in the forest at midnight.

In search of pieces of Shraddha’s body, Delhi Police took Aftab to Mehrauli forest on Tuesday morning. Forensic experts have so far recovered around 10 samples of the body part. These human remains will be sent to the lab. They will be subjected to a DNA test to match them with Shraddha’s father’s sample. The search will continue to recover other parts of his body.

Police say Aftab strangled her to death on May 18, but his friend Laxman Nadar has claimed that he had chatted with Shraddha on WhatsApp in July. Nadar said, Shraddha then requested him to save her and feared that Aftab might kill her. Delhi Police is trying to ascertain all aspects of the investigation.

The killer first watched several crime movies, including the American crime series ‘Dexter’, to learn how to dispose of the body. He also learned how to remove blood stains through Google. When the police arrested him, Aftab said, “Yes, I killed him.” Police are now looking for the electric saw used to cut the body.

Police sources said that Aftab kept the lifeless body in the washroom after she sat on Shraddha’s chest and strangled her to death. After this, he started looking for ways to dispose the dead body on the internet. The next day, he bought an electric mini saw and cut the carcass into 35 pieces. He threw his and Shraddha’s blood-stained clothes in the garbage van and hid the remains inside his kitchen cupboard and fridge.

Aftab was a food blogger as he took chef training. He bought a solution of sulfur hypochlorite from a shop and washed the floor to remove all blood stains. It took him two full days to cut the body into 35 pieces. Shraddha was very active on social media. To avoid any doubts, he kept updating Shraddha’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for three months. She also chatted with her friends on social media as Shraddha till June 9.

Aftab told the police that he had thrown Shraddha’s cell phone somewhere in Maharashtra. Police are now trying to trace the missing cellphone to check the last call details and location. He also told the police that within 15 to 20 days of the murder he befriended another girl on the Bumble dating app and even brought her to his flat. Aftab used Shraddha’s Instagram account till June to show that she was alive and well.

Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker has demanded death penalty for the killer. “I think it is a case of love jihad. My appeal is to hang Aftab,” he said.

The live-in couple came to Delhi from Mumbai on 8 May. They first stayed at a hotel in Paharganj and later started looking for a flat in South Delhi. Badri, a property dealer, helped him in getting a flat on rent in Chhatarpur hill. This flat was close to Mehrauli forest. Ten days later, on May 18, Shraddha was strangled to death. The police have detained Badri, a property dealer who rented the flat to Aftab. He is under interrogation.

Both Shraddha and Aftab lived in Vasai (West), Mumbai. Shraddha studied in a convent school, and then did her Bachelor of Mass Media in a private institute. He worked as a Customer Sales Representative, Sales Manager in a retail sports shop and later as a team leader in an IT commerce firm.

Aftab had studied in an SSC school in Vasai. After this he studied Bachelor of Management Studies and then went to Pune to do business. The two met in 2019 on a dating app Bumble and started living in a live-in relationship despite parental protests. After the death of her mother in 2020, Shraddha returned to her home, but went to live with Aftab after two weeks.

Aftab took chef training and was a food blogger. He also did graphic design work. The relationship between the two turned sour after Shraddha put pressure on the marriage. Shraddha suspected that Aftab has started befriending other girls as well. The live-in couple visited hill stations in North India in March and April and then started living there by renting a flat in Chhatarpur hills of Delhi.

Had it not been for Shraddha’s former classmate Laxman Nadar to call her brother and say that Shraddha has not been able to be contacted for two and a half months, the murder would have remained a secret. This case would never have come to the fore and the killer would have survived.

On 6 October, Shraddha’s father filed a missing person case with the DCP of Vasai area of ​​Mumbai. After this the police started investigation. Mumbai Police found that his phone was unreachable, money was not withdrawn from his bank account since May and the last location of his phone was Chhatarpur hill area of ​​Delhi. After this the Delhi Police was contacted. Aftab was questioned by the Mumbai Police, but he said that Shraddha left the flat in May after a quarrel. On November 10, a joint team of Mumbai and Delhi Police took Aftab into custody for questioning and he confessed to the heinous murder.

Shraddha used to post her pictures on Facebook and her family members were satisfied that she was fine, but five months ago she suddenly became inactive.

The killer told investigators that he strangled Shraddha in anger the night before the incident, ordered food and dinner from Zomato, while the dead body was lying in the flat. To remove the odour, he also bought a big fridge and put 35 pieces of the dead body in the fridge.

For 18 days, he used to take out two pieces and go to the forest at around 2 o’clock in the night. Aftab used to order food in his flat every day, had lunch and dinner. Not only this, he used to light incense sticks and also used room freshener to avoid the stench. All this he did to clear the doubts of the neighbors. Aftab never tried to run away as he had assumed that his misdeeds would never come to light, as he had destroyed all the evidence.

This massacre has raised many serious questions. The girl who left her home, came to Delhi because of love with a person after fighting with family, broke all ties and started living in a live-in relationship, was strangled to death due to a quarrel and her body was cut into pieces. – Broken up.

People are asking what kind of rites were given to Aftab who cut his own girlfriend’s body into pieces.

1 ? Where did such things come from in Aftab’s mind and heart that his hands would not tremble while running a saw on his own girlfriend?

Second: The fear of the law seems to have vanished from the minds of some. It is a bitter truth that the accused of rape and murder go unpunished in spite of lakhs of efforts. Either they do not get punishment, and even if they do, they are forgiven later. It takes so much money to fight a case in court, it takes so much time that the courage of the good breaks down.

The victim’s family has to spend years fighting a legal battle in the courts, lakhs of rupees have to be spent, and most people lose their courage in doing so. The trial goes on for so long that the courageous ones lose their breath. Criminals have many escape options, the path of those trying to get punishment is limited. That’s why those who kill have neither the fear of life imprisonment nor the fear of hanging.

There is a need to think about the whole system by not looking at such cases in pieces. From the police investigation to the court process, there is a need to consider. There is a need to hit the mentality of criminals. There is a need to instill the fear of law on their hearts and minds. If there is any further delay in doing so, tomorrow many more Shraddha will be brutally killed at the hands of some Aftab.

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