Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend received death threats, users said – a publicity stunt

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  • Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend received death threats
  • Social media users told this news a publicity stunt

The life of drama queen Rakhi Sawant has always been in controversy. These days Rakhi is making headlines for her love life. The actress is very happy with her boyfriend Adil. But in the meantime, there is news that Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani has received death threats. Adil is threatened to leave Rakhi’s side or else she will be killed. Rakhi Sawant has become very angry on this threat.

He has also given his statement after the threat. However, a police report has not yet been filed. Many users on social media have advised Rakhi to file a police report. Some did not even miss to call it a publicity stunt. There is always some controversy with Rakhi Sawant. Sometimes she contests elections by forming her own party, sometimes creates a ruckus in Big Boss as a participant. Sometimes she remains in the headlines due to the news of her marriage and sometimes separation. And more so, sometimes they give amazing statements on any issue.

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This time after getting threats to her boyfriend, she has again come into the limelight. An unknown person has sent a message on the phone of her boyfriend Adil, advising her to stay away from Rakhi. Rakhi is angry on this matter. He has also responded in his stern style to the person who threatened him. Rakhi said in a stern tone that ‘if anything happens to my Adil…’.

Warning received to stay away from Rakhi

Recently a video went viral on social media, in which Adil and Rakhi Sawant told about the threat received by Adil. Rakhi showed the message in the phone and said that Adil has been messaged by a person named Dawood Hasan, in which he has asked to leave Rakhi, go away from him. Otherwise, they will be killed. After this message, Rakhi has become quite furious. He narrated a lot to the threatening person.

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Getting angry after the threat, Rakhi said in her statement that ‘I am very sad, my Adil is getting threatened. They say stay away from Rakhi, we will kill you.’ Rakhi said, ‘We love each other. What have we done wrong to anyone? Why are we being threatened? Adil is my life, I cannot live without him.

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Rakhi said angrily that ‘You stop making this threat. First kill me and why would you kill me? Is love a theft, a crime? Nothing should happen to my Aadil. I am saying.’ Rakhi said, ‘You guys are my brothers, build a sister’s house, don’t ruin it’.

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