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  • Sting Ray was 94 percent successful in adding numbers
  • Ability to recognize and remember
  • Can solve basic maths questions

Amazing Facts: We have been solving maths problems since childhood. Sometimes it happens that if a question gets stuck then we are not able to solve it. However, there is no such mathematical problem left by man, which has not been solved. We are going to tell you the news related to this, which you will be surprised to know. Now even fish can solve maths problems. You have read it right. A research has revealed that fish can easily answer maths questions. Let us know how this can be possible.

In fact, recently scientists from the University of Bonn, Germany, have revealed in a research that even fish living in water can answer mathematical questions. Scientists said that there are two fish named Sting Ray and Zebra Mabuna Cichlids, which can understand addition and subtraction. Let us tell you that there are bees and some birds in the math understander who answer the questions.

understood maths on the basis of colors

Scientific zoologist Vera Schrüssel and her team conducted the study. He has told in his research that Sting Ray and Zebra Mabuna Cichlids symbols can solve basic math problems. They have a lot of ability to recognize and remember. If a number is denoted by color, it is understood immediately. During the study it was found that the fish learned to select the largest number and the smallest number on the basis of color. Both have also learned to add and subtract one from any number.

How did the study happen?
The scientists said that with the help of display cards of different numbers and sizes, the fish had to reach the right door. According to the study, the fish were trained to explain maths with the help of cards. Two doors were made in front of them. The fish had to reach the appropriate door with the help of display cards of different numbers and sizes. As we understand from the example, if 3 blue square cards are shown to the fishes, it means that it is the right door. They then have to add one to the number when they are shown 4 blue square cards. Only then will they get the reward. On the other hand, if the color of the card is yellow, they have to do a minus of the number to reach the correct door.

three fish succeeded
Both the fish were successful in this research. The sting ray was successful in adding up to 94 percent, while it was successful in subtracting the same number by 89%. In this study, 8 sting ray and 8 zebra mabuna fish were included. In which 3 out of 8 sting rays got success in answering maths questions. Out of the remaining 8 cichlids, 6 understood the concept of mathematics in detail. In the same research, another disclosure was revealed that sting ray and zebra mabuna fishes are not of these predatory species.

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