Revolution in the medical system is coming, now the disease inside the body will be detected by voice

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Research In Medical


  • Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in this
  • A variety of technologies have entered the market
  • There was no trace of technology

Research In Medical: When we get sick, we go to the doctor. To find out which disease we have, doctors take a sample of blood or urine. After this, if we examine in the lab, then it comes to know what kind of disease we have got. That is, on the basis of the sample, it is easily known which disease has occurred. Now efforts are underway to develop this technology even more. Now the disease can also be detected through voice. When we take out our sound, it can be recorded and found out from which disease we have become a victim. Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in this.

Now technology in an important role in every field

Today, many types of technology have come in the market around the world, with which we can easily complete any of our tasks. There is no such area where technology is not being used. Once upon a time there was no trace of technology in the medical system, but now the time has changed, many such technologies have come in the medical industry, from which many such diseases can be easily detected. Apart from this, there are many such tasks which are solved in a few minutes.

the whole game will be sound
In this episode, now researchers are doing research to detect diseases by voice. Research is creating a database that will be used to try to find out the disease caused by listening to the human voice. In this, AI tools will be used to diagnose from Alzheimer’s to cancer. According to the institute working on this, they are trying to develop technology to detect disease using human voice. It will work in the same way as currently diagnosed with the help of blood or temperature.

Easiest way to collect data
Oliver Elemento, who is working on this research, told that the beauty of voice data is that it is probably the cheapest data. With which you can collect from a user, he further explained that this is the easiest way to collect information from a patient. A research doing other work with them said that in the last few studies, the ability to detect diseases by voice was detected. Also, there was no large database of voice data. Researchers have yet to find the best way to collect voice information for this technology.

date not set yet
If you tell in simple language, like now you have to give a sample of blood or any other thing to test for some disease, then in future your voice will be used like a sample in the same way. Scientists have not made it clear that by when the technology will be ready and how long it will take to complete it, there is no clear time yet. People associated with this research said that first of all, a database of people’s voices will be prepared. Which will be used to develop Artificial Intelligence tools.

This feature will be available on the app
A new app will be developed for this. Which will collect the voice samples of the people. For example, some such techniques will be made such that the person’s voice will be slow and the pitch will be low, then it will know what type of disease is. During this investigation, which person will be asked to read the guide lines given on the app and the disease can be detected on the basis of his voice. Let us tell you that in this, full care will be taken of the privacy protection of the people.

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