Ruby Khan of Aligarh worships Ram and Krishna, establishes Ganesha in the house, if a fatwa is issued, then gave this answer

Ruby Khan, Aligarh- India TV Hindi News
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Ruby Khan, Aligarh

UP News: Lord Shri Ram also resides at Ruby Asif Khan’s house in Rorawar area of ​​Aligarh. Not only does she offer Namaz, she has also been worshiping Rama and Krishna. However, the trouble increased when he established Lord Ganesha at his home on Ganesh Chaturthi and started worshiping. In such a situation, a fatwa has been issued against him with the threat of expelling him from Islam. But she says that she is not going to be afraid. Those who are doing this are not true Muslims.

Will continue to worship, Maulanas should not be a problem: Ruby

Ruby said that she will continue to worship and when she does not have any problem with this, then the Maulana should not have any problem. Since then she has started believing in God and has been reciting worship from time to time. Her family members have no problem with this, she will continue to worship.

‘I also worship, I also offer Namaz’

When the clerics spoke about the establishment of Ganesha and rejecting Ruby from Islam, who worshiped Rama and Krishna, Ruby told India TV that those who discriminate in the name of religion cannot be Muslims themselves. In Ruby Khan’s heart How the devotion of God settled, the clerics issued a fatwa, so Ruby Khan says about this that they also worship God and also offer Namaz.

I find Allah and God one and the same: Ruby

Maulvis suffer because they Hindu Muslims do. A true Muslim does not oppose such a thing. He said that he has got posters put up against me in the past, also talked about burning alive, but even then I was not afraid, then why should I be afraid now.

What do you say Maulana

Ruby has been worshiping in the temple built at home for the last one and a half years. In fact, the clerics used to say that Islam only teaches the worship of Allah, this is quite a thing. Anyone who works against it is against the religion.

Ruby’s husband Asif Khan also in support of worship

Asif told India TV that my wife and I have been worshiping God for about five to six years. At the same time, last one and a half years ago, we established a temple in the house. He told that for the first time we installed Ganeshji on 31st August. We have installed and worshiping Ganeshji for 7 days. He had said that the above did not create a Hindu or a Muslim. God and Allah are one for us. Those who give fatwas keep giving fatwas, it will not make any difference to us. On what was the reaction of the family members, Asif says that no one protested.

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