Ruckus over children reading ‘Kalma’ in Kanpur’s school, VIDEO went viral, then the truth came to the fore. Kanpur School News kalma during morning prayer parents create ruckus

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  • There was a ruckus over the teaching of Kalma to children in school
  • Children’s parents and some Hindu organizations protested
  • Hindu organization adamant on the school’s insistence on purification and lockdown

Kanpur School News: of Uttar Pradesh Kanpur A case of reading ‘Kalma’ has come to light during morning prayer in a private school in the district. Kanpur’s ‘Florettes School’ landed in controversy when students were asked to read ‘Kalma’ in the morning prayer. The parents of the children and some Hindu organizations protested and lodged a complaint with the police which intervened in the matter and asked the school to stop the practice. Simultaneously, Hindu organizations stuck to the insistence of the purification of the school and the lockdown.

Know what is the whole matter

The controversy started on Sunday. A man made a 59-second video viral from his Twitter account, after which this video started being shared on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Chief Minister in this Yogi Adityanath And UP Police was tagged. A woman and her daughter are seen in the video. Its creator has not shown the faces of both of them in the video. The woman is saying, “Kalma is taught to the children in the school every day at the time of prayer.” When the woman asked the girl, she replied, “Yes.. is taught daily.”

Let us tell you that in the school established in 2003, children of all religions are made to worship during prayer. Gayatri Mantra, Gurbani and Kalma are being taught in the morning assembly. This practice has been going on for a decade but suddenly right-wing activists objected to it. Taking this matter seriously, Bajrang Dal workers immediately reached the school and raised the voice of complaint with the parents of the children. Regarding this, he alleged that the school was imposing religion on the students. In this whole matter, parents say that they taught their child in many schools, but it is not in any school where Kalma is taught to them.

No more religious prayer, only national anthem
At the same time, the school’s principal Sumit Makhija said on this matter, “After this controversy, now the management has decided to stick only to the national anthem during the morning prayer.” The principal has clarified, “There is certainly no intention to promote any one religion.” He said, ‚ÄúThis has been the practice in this school for years. The school diary contains verses from all major religions including Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam. Reading the verses as an exercise to give equal respect to all religions It was started. Now suddenly, a group of Hindu fundamentalists and some parents have opposed it.”

When the matter of objecting came to the fore today, taking the whole matter seriously, the school administration has assured that there will be no prayer in the school in future, but only the children will have to pray the national anthem. . Meanwhile, the school authorities have said that they will sort it out with the concerned parents.

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