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  • Praveen Raut is just a pawn in Patra Chawl scam: ED

Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut is in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and his interrogation is going on. He has to remain in ED custody till August 4. The ED has asked many questions to Sanjay Raut, who is trapped in the Patra Chawl case. According to sources, Sanjay Raut is still not giving correct answers to the questions. Actually, Sanjay Raut is to be questioned in three rounds. One round of interrogation is over. In the first round, questions and answers were done directly related to the allegations against Raut so that in the coming time, when Sanjay Raut gives wrong answers, then his answer will be put in front of the facts, other witnesses and statements of the accused and electronic evidence. Along with this, in the coming time, the ED will also be helped in taking Raut’s custody again.

It is not easy for Sanjay Raut to answer ED questions

In the second round, Sanjay Raut can be interrogated by putting forward his first statement and the statements of other witnesses in the case and other accused including arrested Praveen Raut. This situation will be difficult for Sanjay. On one side there will be statements of his partner and investor and on one side the statements of Sanjay Raut, in such a situation, Sanjay Raut will have to prove that he is right and his partner Praveen Raut and investors Sujit and Swapna Patkar are wrong.

The third round will be most important in the inquiry

The last round of interrogation of Sanjay Raut will prove to be a headache for him. Because if the need arises and Sanjay Raut does not open his mouth, then the already arrested Praveen Raut will be interrogated by sitting face to face with Sanjay Raut. Praveen Raut is in jail, so that process will be delayed and Sanjay Raut’s custody will be needed again and it will also be easier to get Sanjay’s custody again. Also Swapna Patkar, Sujit Patkar, Madhuri Raut and Sanjay Raut’s wife can also be interrogated face to face. All these people have at present recorded their statement in the ED, in which the statements of Swapna and Sujit can increase the difficulty of Sanjay. But before putting them in front, their statements will be interrogated by placing them in front of Sanjay Raut. Now it will be interesting to see how Sanjay Raut saves himself from the statements of his close friends or confesses the crime.

These questions were asked to Sanjay Raut

After officially getting the custody from the court for the first time on Monday, the ED started question-and-answer with Sanjay Raut as soon as he reached the office. According to sources, the first question was asked about Praveen Raut, how and since when did he know Praveen? What is his relationship with him as well as his relationship with Praveen Raut’s Guru Ashish Construction Company, which was to develop Patra Chaal? What is his role in that company? How much share does he own in the company? Who got the deal of Patra Chawl done? What was decided in the deal regarding the development of the chawl? Do they think it has been followed? After all, instead of giving houses to the victims and houses to MHADA, why were stakes given to private builders when the development deal was with Guru Aashis Construction Company? And how many such companies were given Patra’s land for development while the real owner was Guru Ashish Construction Company?

What happened to Praveen Raut?

Was there a reason behind it or was there a person? After all, what was the advantage in the deal with the private builder and if there was an advantage, then any NOC was taken from MHADA about the flats that were to be given to MHADA for that? were they told? Were the people living in Patrawala Chawl informed about this or not? If not informed, what was the reason for that? A question was also asked to Sanjay Raut that you had said that there was only 55 lakh rupees but you have taken this one crore six lakh rupees, why did you hide the information? When Praveen Raut was a partner, why did he give you Rs 2 lakh every month? What was the deal between you two?

How to buy flat in Dadar and plot in Alibag, where did the money come from?

How did you get a flat in Dadar and a plot in Alibag? How much did you pay? And where did that money come from? Why would anyone give you money without interest? That too a partner of the same company? The most important thing is that you are working on the post of editor in Saamana, you do get salary and then you are a Rajya Sabha MP. His salary is also available, so what was the need that you took money from Praveen Raut and why was the money transferred to your wife’s account and returned even after a dispute?

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