Sanju Samson vs Rishabh Pant Debate Raised in ODI Cricket Also See Full Stats IND vs NZ 1st One Day Auckland

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Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson vs Rishabh Pant: There is a lot of talk about Rishabh Pant in the Indian team these days. Especially in white ball cricket, he is facing a tough challenge from Sanju Samson. On the other hand, if we look at the statistics of Pant’s last 6 White Ball International matches, then he has been able to score only 68 runs and his average is only around 11. On the other hand, if we talk about ODIs, he disappointed in the first match against New Zealand as well and got out after scoring only 15 runs in 23 balls. Sanju Samson, on the other hand, scored a crucial 36 and shared a 94-run partnership with Iyer.

Talking about Rishabh Pant, he has not been able to cross the 30 mark even once in the last 6 international innings. Whereas in the last ODI when he played against England, he definitely won the team by playing a match-winning inning of 125 runs. But since that innings, he has consistently proved to be a flop. Even in the Asia Cup and the World Cup when he got a chance, he could not do much. On the other hand, if we talk about Sanju Samson, his average this year has been the best among all Indian wicketkeepers.

ODI performance of Samson and Pant in the year 2022

Sanju Samson has scored 179 runs in 6 T20 Internationals in the year 2022 with a fifty and an average of 44.75. At the same time, his performance in ODIs has also been good. Sanju has played 10 ODIs this year, scoring 284 runs in 9 innings including two half-centuries. Samson averages over 40 in ODIs as well. Before this year, he had played only one ODI in which he scored 46 runs. In the last 4 ODIs, he has scored 154 runs and averages 154. On the other hand, Pant has an average of 35 in the last 4 ODIs, with 140 runs in his name.

Pant’s last 4 ODI innings

  • vs NZ 15 (23)

  • vs Eng 125 (113)

  • vs ENG 0 (5)

  • vs ENG 0 (0)

Pant flopped badly in last 6 white ball innings

  1. India vs New Zealand – 15 runs
  2. India vs New Zealand – 11 runs
  3. India vs New Zealand – 6 runs
  4. India vs England – 6 runs
  5. India vs Zimbabwe – 3 runs
  6. India vs South Africa – 27 runs

You have seen many figures above, from which it is clearly visible that while Pant was surrounded in T20 cricket, now questions are being raised on him in ODIs as well. Even in ODI cricket, his place is now under threat from Sanju Samson. While Pant is an important batsman of Team India in Tests and his performance is also excellent. In such a situation, can we say that when the phase of change is going on, now Team India should hand over the responsibility of wicket-keeper batsman to Sanju Samson in white ball cricket. The figures are in his support and so are the fans on social media. Now it has to be seen what the team management thinks about it.

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