Sanket Sargar CWG 2022: Sanket Sargar won silver medal in Commonwealth Games, champion weightlifter opened India’s account

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Sanket Sargar

Sanket Sargar CWG 2022: India has got its first medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022. India’s first medal was given by weightlifter Sanket Mahadev Sargar. Sanket performed brilliantly in the finals of the 55kg category, finishing second among 12 weightlifters to put India’s silver in the bag.

Sanket finished first after snatch round

National and Commonwealth record holder Sanket Sarwar displayed his talent and courage at NEC Hall 1 in Birmingham by lifting 113 kgs to claim the first position in the snatch round. He lifted 107 kg in the first attempt of this round, reached 111 kg in the second attempt and stood first by lifting 113 kg in the third attempt. Malaysia’s Mohamed Bin Kasdan finished second with a weight of 107 kg while Sri Lanka’s Dillanka Ishuru Kumara finished third after the snatch round with a weight of 105 kg.

Sanket got silver medal after clean and jerk

21-year-old Sanket, who lifted the Commonwealth record by lifting 256 kg, lifted 135 kg in clean and jerk. Although he tried to lift 139 kg in the second attempt, he was fouled due to a twist in his right elbow. Despite being injured, Sanket came for the third attempt but could not succeed due to injury. The Indian weightlifter won the silver medal in the 55 kg category by lifting a total of 248 kg. After the medal ceremony, silver medalist Sanket named his medal for the brave soldiers of the country.

Malaysian weightlifter got gold medal

The Malaysian weightlifter, who finished second in the snatch round, lifted 142 kg in his third attempt at clean and jerk to claim the first position in the final result. The Malaysian athlete lifted a kilo more than Sanket, ie a total of 249 kg.

Sri Lanka’s weightlifter Dilanka Ishuru Kumara won the bronze medal by lifting a total of 225 kg.

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