Sapna Chaudhary made such a complaint to her husband, the video went viral on social media Sapna Chaudhary promoted her new song Kaamini, the video went viral

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Sapna Chaudhary


  • Video of dancing queen Sapna Choudhary went viral
  • Sapna Choudhary was seen promoting her new song

Sapna ChaudharySapna Chaudhary, the pride of Haryana, does not need any identity. Sapna Choudhary is famous all over India for her dance. Today every child knows Sapna Chaudhary by her name. Dancing queen Sapna Choudhary no longer dances on stage. But his music videos keep getting released every day. Sapna is continuously working for her fans. Meanwhile, a video of Sapna is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In the video going viral, Sapna is seen complaining to her husband. It can be seen in the video that she is telling her husband that she is tired of bringing water from afar. Although these words of his are in Haryanvi language. Actually Sapna Chaudhary is promoting her new song fiercely. In the shared video on Instagram, actress Kamini is seen dancing on the song, this video of Sapna is being liked by her fans.

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In this video, the actress is seen dancing. Along with her desi style and desi dress wins the hearts of the fans. Sapna Chaudhary remains in a lot of discussion about her dance and music videos as well as her personal life. From the marriage of Sapna to her son, news often comes to the fore. Sapna is very active on social media. His fan following is no less than any big star.

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Let us tell you that ever since Sapna Chaudhary came back from the show of Bigg Boss, her fan following had increased even more. Sapna had become a big name after Bigg Boss. After this show, he even started meeting songs in films.

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