Scientists discover new neurons to paralyzed patients will walk again


  • It was found in the research done on nine patients

  • The communication process of neurons continues to be disrupted due to severe injury to the spinal cord

Scientists have discovered a neuron that can help paralyzed people walk again. Scientists have identified the type of new neuron in a study about this. With the help of which the spinal cord can be regenerated. With the help of which patients are helped to stand, walk and rebuild their muscles. With this, the life of the patient becomes even better.

First research done on rats
This study is published in Nature on November 9, 2022. In which it is told that a new neuron discovered to help paralyzed people walk again has been found after researching nine patients. This research was done by researchers from the Swiss research group NeuroRestore. Who discovered this new neuron during therapy. Which was previously used on rats.

This is how paralysis happens
According to Science Alert, the nerve cells found in the new neuron are found in the part of the spinal cord that passes through our lower back. When our spinal cord is injured, the chain of signals to the brain is disrupted. Which affects our movement. At the same time, according to Nature Magazine, injury to the spinal cord obstructs the passage from the brain and brainstem, which leads to the spinal cord, due to which paralysis occurs.

This is how neurons work
This study further explained that the neurons that help people walk reside in the spinal cord. The brain sends commands to activate these neurons to help them walk. If there is a serious injury to the spinal cord, then this circulatory system gets disrupted due to that injury. Along with this, the injury completely scatters this communication process. While these neurons located in the spinal cord are not directly damaged by injury, the lack of essential supraspinal commands renders them non-functional. As a result, it becomes paralyzed.

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