Scientists told why cancer cells need protein – Reveal in Research Why cancer cells need protein and metal copper


  • Cancer cells need more copper than healthy cells

A team of researchers has discovered in a study why cancer cells ultimately need proteins. With the help of which it prevents copper ions from developing and spreading throughout the body. Along with this, it has also been found in this research that how they connect metals in cancer-related proteins.

Metal copper needed for biological functions
According to research, metal copper is needed to perform biological functions through our body ses. Studies have shown that cancer cells require more copper than healthy cells. In addition, copper-binding proteins are more active when copper levels are high.

Most of the deaths in cancer occur due to this reason
Pernilla Wittung-Staffschede, professor of chemical biology at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, said a deeper knowledge of them could lead to new targets for the treatment of the disease when it comes to understanding the development of cancer. Also told that most cancer deaths are due to metastases i.e. tumor cells are formed in many places of the body. They spread throughout the body under a protein signaling system called Memo1. At the same time, research has shown that when the gene for Memo1 is inactivated in breast cancer cells, their ability to form metastases is reduced.

This result came out in research
Researcher Chalmers said that an attempt was made to wind the Memo1 protein with copper through a series. In which it was found that the protein binds to copper, but it manages to make only a very small part. Whereas, when MeMO1 was mixed with copper, the toxic redox reaction was blocked. Pernilla Witung-Staffscheid, a scientist involved in this study, said that it depends on a lot of copper for tumors because it activates chemical reactions that are harmful to cancer cells. In addition, this research has also shown that it can form a complex with the copper-binding protein – Atox1. Given the kind of conclusions that have emerged from this new study, it is believed that copper and copper-binding proteins may be effective in the treatment of cancer in the future.

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