Seeing the tigress roaming in the market, there was a stir among the people, then a big accident happened – Uttarakhand Almora tigress died by bullet of forest department

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death of tigress

In the Almora district of Uttarakhand, on Monday, a tigress was roaming in the market in Marchula of Almora, adjacent to the Corbett National Park, Kalagarh Reserve. Meanwhile, there was a stir among the people in the market. The local people informed the forest department. Air firing was done by the forest department employees to drive away the tigress, but in the meantime a big accident happened. The Forest Department is being held responsible for this accident.

How did death happen?

According to the information, the tigress has died due to the aerial firing of the forest department. It is being claimed that the tigress died due to being hit during aerial firing. Although it is not yet clear that death has happened. Apart from this, let us tell that in a video, a person sitting in a car is seen pointing and firing a gun towards the tigress. This person is being called a forest employee. The CTR director has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

How did the tigress enter the populated area?
The department claims that after being shot, she kept roaming here and there but died after some time. Employees of Mandal Range of Corbett Kalagarh Tiger Reserve Park took the body of the tigress to Ramnagar Dhela Rescue Center, where she was declared brought dead. After the post-mortem on Tuesday, the body of the tigress was cremated. The tigress was very old and weak. Also tell that the age of the dead tigress must have been between 11 to 12 years. How the tigress reached the populated area is being investigated.

Video claiming
Along with this, tell that contrary to the claim of the forest department on the death of the tigress, in a video that has gone viral on social media, a forest employee riding a car is seen firing towards the tigress. Please tell that the sound of firing is heard in the video. Wildlife photographer Deep Rajwar told that many questions have arisen on the death of the tigress. It is clear from the video that the tigress has been shot. Also tell that Dr. Dheeraj Pandey, director of Corbett Tiger Reserve, said that the tigress roaming in Marchula’s market of Almora was trying to attack the villagers. The forest personnel fired in the air in which the tigress got hit by a pellet and died. Instructions have been given to investigate the entire episode.

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