Shah Rukh Khan was stopped at the Mumbai airport along with the entire team for his luxury watches

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Shah Rukh Khan

New Delhi: Shahrukh Khan landed at the Mumbai airport from Dubai on a chartered flight on Saturday. Custom officials found six expensive watches worth Rs 17.86 lakh in a bag. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and five members of his team were stopped for an hour by customs officials at the Mumbai airport for non-payment of custom duty for six luxury watches as the payment facility was not operational in the early hours of Saturday, an official said. .

Watches worth Rs 17.86 lakh

The incident took place at 12.30 pm after a chartered flight from Dubai landed at the airport, the official said. He said that during checking the belongings of Khan and his team members, officials found six expensive watches in a bag. He said that as per customs assessment, the cost of expensive watches is Rs 17.86 lakh.

The bodyguard had a bag of watches

The officer said the bag full of watches was with Khan’s bodyguard Ravi Shankar Singh. He said that as the screening process was going on, Khan and his team were stopped at GAT – a VIP terminal – for at least an hour.

6.88 lakh paid for custom duty

After some time Shah Rukh Khan, his secretary Pooja Dadlani and three other team members were let go, the official said. As the custom duty deposit counter at GAT was not operational at that time, the customs officer took Ravi Shankar Singh with him to Terminal-2 of the airport, where Rs 6.88 lakh was paid towards customs duty for the watches. The official said that though the challan was in the name of Ravi Shankar Singh, the duty was paid by Khan. He said Singh was allowed to leave in the morning after the customs payment process was completed.

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