Shiva Thapa CWG 2022: Shiva Thapa slips after winning, lost after winning the first round, Indian boxer’s journey ends

Shiva Thapa loses in CWG 2022- India TV Hindi News
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Shiva Thapa loses in CWG 2022


  • Shiva Thapa’s journey ends at CWG 2022
  • Thapa was defeated by a Scottish boxer in the round of 16
  • Shiva Thapa defeated Pakistani boxer in the first match

Shiva Thapa CWG 2022: India’s veteran boxer Shiva Thapa suffered a defeat in his second match. The 28-year-old Indian boxer lost in his second match of the Commonwealth Games. He was defeated 4-1 by Scottish player Reese Lynch in the round of 16 in the 63.5 kg category.

Shiva Thapa backward after a good start

Shiva Thapa started very well in this match. In the first round, he looked in full swing. He made several strikes on the opposing boxer with better balance and was also successful. In this round, he displayed a fine combination of discipline and aggression, as a result of which he was declared the winner 10-9 by all five judges.

Shiva Thapa’s balance was disturbed from the second round

Although Shiva Thapa, who took a 1-0 lead, was just one round away from winning the quarter-finals to seal his place, that moment never came due to poor strategy and lack of defence. Thapa started well in the second round, but with the passage of time, his agility in the ring decreased. The Scottish boxer took full advantage of this opportunity and fired several punches at the Indian boxer, many of which also hit the target. In this round, Thapa got 10 points from only one judge but the other four gave him 9-9 points, as a result, the bout was tied 1-1.

Shiva Thapa looked pale in the third round

In the third and deciding round, Thapa looked far from his old rhythm. They fought from beginning to end. Every judge admitted that they had completely missed this round. In this round each judge gave 9-10 points against him. With this defeat, his journey in the Commonwealth Games 2022 also ended.

Shiva Thapa defeated Pakistani boxer in the first match

Thapa had defeated Pakistan’s boxer Suleman Baloch in the round of 32 played earlier. Thapa had defeated Baloch 5-0 in this match.

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